v1.5.6 Update and 2.0 Alpha

v1.5.6 Update

Today’s update fixes the MangaStream issue, and removes support for Manga-Haven.

You can get this update here.

v2.0 Preview

I am  making available an early preview of Manga Reader v2.0. I haven’t started working on the new version of Manga Creator 2.0, so it is not included. There is no online explorer mode is this preview. It is however a much better offline manga or comic reader. To be able to read your online mangas with this reader, you will have to open them with the previous version and save them in the wgma format.

More archive formats are also supported. Please report any issues with rar (or other formats) archives. All known issues should be fixed. Let me know if they are not.

You will need to have .Net Framework 4 installed.

Get Manga Reader 2.0 Alpha here.

Feel free to leave feedback


Minor update (v1.5.5)

Fixed MangaStream and MangaFox issues.

Grab it here.


I just released a new version (1.5.4) which can be found in the Downloads page.

Here is a list of changes:

– Removed OneManga

– Added Manga-Haven, Manga Fox and Manga Stream

– Fixed problem opening CBR archives on a 64 bit machine.

– Images with uppercase extensions inside a CBR or CBZ should now work. Let me know if they don’t.

– MGA and WMGA thumbnails should now work on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7.


CBR and RAR support

Hello everyone,

Many people have reported issues opening CBR and RAR files. The current version of Manga Reader supports CBR and RAR on 32-bit machines only. This will also be supported for 64-bit machines when the next version is released. If you are having problems with CBR/RAR files on a 32-bit machine, leave a comment below.


New Quick release (v1.5.3)

Here is a new quick release to fix an issue with OneManga.

Minor Release: v1.5.2

Another minor release to fix MangaFox and reading some mangas on OneManga.

I am also removing MangaVolume temporarily.

I will keep making these minor releases until the next major release. I am currently re-designing Manga reader to be more flexible. this will allow me to make these updates without having to release a new version. I think there will also be a new website/domain, etc. Stay Tuned 😉


Minor Release: v1.5.1

This is a minor release to fix reading mangas from OneManga.