Manga Reader 1.1 Released

You can download this new release in the Downloads section.

Here is a list of changes:

  • The zoom feature has been improved. You now get full window zoom, as illustrated in the following screenshot: 
    You can use Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in/out. With the keyboard, you can use Ctrl +/- or Ctrl + Page Up/Down.
    Once you zoom in, simply move the mouse to navigate, or use Ctrl + Directional keys.
  • The issue that causes the Online Manga Explorer to sometimes lock up has been resolved.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.

Manga Reader 1.0

The 1.0 release has just been posted. Support for viewing mangas from has been added, and a number of bug fixes have been made.

Be sure to post your feedback here.

You can download the new release here.

Manga Reader 0.9 available

You can get this release in the download section.

Here is a list of changes:

  • A search feature was added to the Online manga Explorer, allowing you to quickly find mangas.
  • By default, manga images are not displayed in the Online Manga Explorer. You can choose to display them by checking the “Show Pictures” checkbox.
  • Saving a .mga manga in Manga Creator does not re-encode all images to the HD Photo format (.wdp). So, if you add a JPEG image to the manga, the format is not changed to the HD photo format, the JPEG format is used.

Manga Reader 0.8 released

The first version of Manga Reader has been released. You can get it in the Downloads section.