Manga Reader Localization

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of releasing localized versions of Manga Reader, initially for the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. More languages can of course be added later.

If you are interested in helping me translate Manga Reader to any of these languages or any other, simply reply to this post.



16 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I can help translate your application in french if you want to, just contact me.

    • svp je suis une fan de manga mais le soucis c’est qu’il ne sont pas en francais sur manga reader comment faire pour que les mangas soient écris en francais

      merci de bien vouloir m’envoyer la réponse

    • Kimen could you help me to translate my application in french, thans.
      Contact me at:

  2. I can do it for Greek! Contact me …

  3. I can help translating it in spanish, contact me

  4. Sorry for double coment i leave here also my msn cya

  5. I can help you traslating the reader in italian

  6. @ Davide

    I have not yet made any concrete plans to translate Manga Reader to other languages.

    One thing I would like to do first is to have a list of websites that provide mangas in languages other than English.

    Do you know a website like OneManga where you can read mangas in Italian?

  7. we could translate in oportuguese, dutch, sweedish, indonesian, spanish, italian, if needed.

    reply to my email
    best regards


  8. @Admin

    I’ve searched in the web for something like onemanga…. but it seems that there isn’t something like that….. there are many different sites that traslate the chapters in italian but there’s no one that have all the traslations…..

  9. I can help you in a Hungarian translation, please contact me if you’re interested.

  10. @ Admin
    If you search someone to help you to translate the program in french, i can help you.

    I’m the owner of a little team where we translate manga (from english to french or japanese to french when we can).

    Don’t hesitate to contact me on my mail or messenger.

    Entre français faut s’aider 🙂

  11. seems like I found sth like onemanga for the italian version… if the project is still alive contact me

  12. I can help you on a Russian and Ukrainian translation, please contact me!

  13. I can help you in hebrew, I am excellent in translating, for I have took academic courses under the subject translating english onto hebrew. (Hebrew is also my native language.)

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