Manga Reader 1.2 released

Get it in the download section.

 Here is a list of changes:

Manga Reader:

  • Support for opening Comic book archives cbz, cbr, cbt
  • Support for reading mangas / flipping pages Left To Right (japanese) added
  • Image caching for manga thumbnails and manga pages/images
  • New Settings panel in Manga Reader
  • Persistent settings in Manga Reader (display mode, flip direction, last manga open, window size & maximized state)
  • New version notification
  • fixed Manda Reader bug that occasionally leaves some pages blank 
  • New Zoomed paning mode that automatically moves the view to unread content while zoomed in (Space/Enter keys)

Manga Creator:

  • Support for opening Comic book archives cbz, cbr, cbt 
  •  Ability to add multiple images at the same time in Manga Creator using the Open File Dialog
  • Auto scrolling when dragging items in Manga Creator + can now press escape to cancel dragging
  • New kb shortcuts to scroll horizontally (shift + mouse wheel) and vertically (scroll wheel) in Manga Creator workspace
  • Persistent settings in Manga Creator (window size & maximized state)

Be sure to post your feature requests and any bugs in the Feedback section.


3 Responses

  1. Nice update.
    Great to see all those improvements.
    Thanks for all that work.

    – The zoom is great now. You could improve it maybe by blurring a little bit the image since zooming shows more imperfections.

    – The cache for the manga does work, but the caching of the thumbnails in the manga online explorer doesn’t seem to work…

    But anyway this is great work and I thank you for all your efforts.

  2. The manga thumbnails do load from the cache, but the progress on the UI is slow because the Image URLs are obtained from OneManga, and not from a cached location. For each thumbnail, the corresponding web page is downloaded and the source is looked at to find the url.
    I am hoping to improve this in the next release.

    Regarding the blurring of images, I will investigate how this can improve the visual quality and how this affects performance, and maybe include an option to enable and disable it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Thanks for sharing the details. I found the info really helpful.

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