Manga Reader 1.2.6 update

Sorry to release this so soon after the last update, but there was a fairly critical bug that I wanted to fix that was introduced with  1.2.5. The bug is in the zip library used to open mga files, and prevents you from opening most mga documents.

Download here.


4 Responses

  1. The download links has expired.
    You should also try to add a refresh button because some pages did not load when I read. A refresh button that you could use to redownload the page you can’t access. Also a meter that tells how much % of the chapter that has been downloaded.

    Thanks very much for this application. It helps alot.

  2. the download links are working just fine for me.

  3. Seems like a problem that my country can’t access mediafire. Admin, if you would do me a favor and send me a copy of the program to my email adress. I really want the program again.

  4. wow this is a beast program! Maybe options to customize the bg, a turn page sound, and a toolbar bg for the top? Like on windows media center!

    Awesome stuff you got here, hope your still wokring on this,

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