New Quick release (v1.5.3)

Here is a new quick release to fix an issue with OneManga.


19 Responses

  1. woo…thanks for update =D

  2. Thank you!!

  3. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  4. Yeah!.. thank you for the relase, I will wait for the big relase! 😀

  5. Awesome program, I love it! Please keep it up! ^^

  6. Great program! ^_^

    shame if won’t let me read anything from mangafox..
    just comes up with [All (0)] or crashes the program. >_<

    but besides that… excellent!
    i look forward to an updated release =)

  7. I love manga!

  8. I LOVE how realistic page turning is! Before this, I preferred reading physical manga.. but this changes everything! I only have one problem: the way Zooming works gives m a headache.. I mean, it zooms just fine and looks great doing it, but I don’t like having to go all the way to the edge or the corner of a manga to read some things, I wish there was a cut off area the manga would stop scrolling at.. It’s kinda hard to explain..

    I mean, if my cursor was in the center of the page on the right, It would not be able to scroll any more to the right side, for example. The way it is now I have to literally go all the way to the side to show certain parts. And I have dual monitors so my cursor goes off the program if I get too close to the edge of my main monitor. I like how the Single Page works and looks, but I want boh pages or it doesn’t seem real enough to me =(. I I don’t want to seem demanding, but is there a way you can make something like this? Perhaps a toggleable setting? Very grateful for this app so far,

    • Me again, I’m getting used to the zoom.. It doesn’t bother me much anymore! But I have a crashing issue with only 1 manga so far, it’s [Eternal]_Tales_of_Symphonia_v01_Load01. It’s in a ZIP archive.

  9. i tried this program of yours and it’s good, really!..
    is this your own project?

    and also i think it has a slow processing of pictures and also it eats a lot of disk space when saving project from Manga Maker..

    but anyway. Two Thumbs Up!
    I know it has improved a lot since the first release..
    and I hope this will be a perfect one soon!

    • ow sorry,
      i just realized it’s just my files who are large..
      sorry for being stupid…LOL..
      and also sorry for my english

  10. Good Job!!! \(^.^)/
    Thank you for making this superb application 😀

  11. Its perfect for manga reader but i have some problem that not support RAR file format and its wrong page number with read left to right. i hope you will fix it for next version and i will be wait.. ^_^

  12. Thanks. with this pogram is manga reading awesome !!!

    I love it !!!

  13. This is by far the cleanest, nicest looking manga readers I’ve ever seen. Really rooting for u.

    Just a few things, FYI.
    – mangafox doesn’t work right now.
    – would be great not to have to go to all the way to corners of screen with mouse in zoom mode.
    – if we could sort updated manga section at onemanga by update date rather than alphabetically, (Shonen Jump mangas update once per week. so their always on the list, and I’m not sure if I already read or not without loading it)

  14. oh yeah, and it would be great to be able to open folders that haven’t been packed.

  15. i wish you would support a landscape view where the Manga Reader would only show one page and allow people who already have the image files saved in a folder be able to read those without having to use the Manga Creator.

    All in all great job, it is much faster than uploading single pages. I hope you could come out with a portable version soon.

  16. ps i cant get Manga Fox to load can you come out with a path for that soon?

    also could you add manga toshokon to the listings.

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