CBR and RAR support

Hello everyone,

Many people have reported issues opening CBR and RAR files. The current version of Manga Reader supports CBR and RAR on 32-bit machines only. This will also be supported for 64-bit machines when the next version is released. If you are having problems with CBR/RAR files on a 32-bit machine, leave a comment below.



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  1. for reading manga i’ve noticed an issue that is confusing me sometimes.

    when there are double pages, and you use both page and flip flow from right to left, the page is splited mirrored, so i think, if the page isn’t splitted, that means that the page is connected correctly.

    if there is some way to fix that, a parameter or something, i’m looking forward to the response.

    btw, its a great project of yours… until then i was using the ooooooooooold pixelcomic and i liked this projecta lot.

  2. Still no estimated date for the next release?
    Or even quick fix for mangafox?

    Been waiting a while =(

  3. @Maokalon: I have also been occuring some confusing double-pages that have been shown the way you described. It’s really something I would like to see a fix on in the next version ^_^

    Have been waiting a while now, really looks forward to see manga reader getting some fixes on this double-page thingy, and Mangafox. I really love that I’m able to read manga directly from the internet.

  4. Screw the being upset at not getting update i’m just glad at this point the project wasn’t dropped completely, lol.

    btw, not sure if you are wanting to do it at all, but have you thought about OSS’ing the app?

    I’m a .NET dev, but mostly do web stuff so not sure I could help much. Others, though, might be willing to help.

  5. I’m having trouble opening some files, on the ones Im having trouble, if i extract the archive it has a folder at the root of the archive instead of a bunch of images. (says no compatible images found), No other viewer I’ve tried has that problem.

    Also, would it be possible to maybe get rotation put in, at least for single pages, other then that, this is easily the best comic reader I’ve found for Windows for my tablet, specially since no other comic reader I’ve tried can be used with just 1 mouse button.

  6. Hi, i am trying to read some spiderwoman comics with your app. But i can open its cbr files, is it because i use a 64bit OS?

    I really enjoy use your app, but can you improve something? I have a small screen, so i use this unzoomed option. If i move the mouse, the picture moves itself to this direction. But i have to move the mouse all the way to get to the farest part. Can you shrink the range of the mouse or add a slide to change this range? With it i dont need to move the mouse so far and still get the farest part. It would very helpful.

    Thank you in advance

  7. @TK.

    Did you mean that you can or can’t open CBR files?

    About zooming, these are some good suggestions.

  8. @Admin:
    Yes, I can’t open CBR. Right now, i use Comical or just decompress the CBR files. However it is fine with CBZ.

    I tried to add the decompress files to a MGA file. After saving i recognize that MGA is twice so big as CBR. The program loads the pictures and recompresses them instead of copy and rename before groups them in a zip file? maybe you can fix this to save compress time and space.

    thank you very much


  9. this tool is great. I love it. One more feature I’d like to see is somekind of “explorer” like to the local folders.. That way we don’t have to open each file archive when reading…

    I hope you’ll consider my suggestion. ^^

    Oh and do you accept any donation? It’ll be nice if I can show my gratitude to this awesome program!

  10. Is there any ETA on the update to get the reader to open .cbr files correctly with a 64bit OS?

  11. i LOVE the online manga reader on this a lot!!!! the mangafox doesn’t seem to work but the onemanga does.

    And I’ll donate too, if it helps and also as thanks for the hard work!!!

  12. I have problems with CBR’s on 32bit os

  13. [..] A bit unrelated, but I totally liked this blog post [..]

  14. Just testing a comment, was having issues with it earlier.

  15. As a previous user mentioned I think you should definitely consider making your software 0pen S0urce if you don’t have the time to maintain it. Plenty of people would love to help and contribute towards your great manga reader 😉

  16. It won’t work on Win7 32bit 😦 Not even in Compatibility Mode.

  17. is this still alive or dead?

  18. I love this MR, really xD great display, function n stuff, but there’s a small problem (maybe it’s because of my laptop so…D: )There are some mangas of mine that has multiple chaps, but when I open it on your MR, (1.5.3) it would only load the first chapter 😦 why is this? Well although I’m using a Win7 64bit, the others work just fine 😦 and when will you give out the next release? can’t wait! :D:D

  19. The same happened to me on my PC (1.5.4). When i click next chapter its skips to a new manga (It was a rar of a volume, with folders inside for chapter 1-8, but only opened the first chapter, i had to extract and rar each chapter seperately)

  20. ya ,so in 7 i couldnt get MR to veiw the contents of my zipped folder, then i realized wat my problem was, the hidden file Thumbs.db was showing up b4 the first letters “v2” and this made MR not read the rest of the folder after finding the noncompatible file.
    i lol’ed for a while after that.

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