CBR and RAR support

Hello everyone,

Many people have reported issues opening CBR and RAR files. The current version of Manga Reader supports CBR and RAR on 32-bit machines only. This will also be supported for 64-bit machines when the next version is released. If you are having problems with CBR/RAR files on a 32-bit machine, leave a comment below.



New Manga Reader in June

I have been very busy lately, and haven’t had the time to finish up the new release. It will come sometime in June. The version number will probably be v1.5, and it will fix many of the problems discussed in the “feedback” section.

I am also thinking of building a Silverlight version of the manga reader, that runs in browser. This will work with linux and mac. I will provide more details after the next release.

Manga Reader Localization

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of releasing localized versions of Manga Reader, initially for the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. More languages can of course be added later.

If you are interested in helping me translate Manga Reader to any of these languages or any other, simply reply to this post.