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  1. the update is very cool
    waiting for new features!!!

    • its great but sometimes i try to load a rar file and it says it contains no compatable images, when all the images inside are the correct file formats, can u help with this

    • This tool is very good but unfortunately, this version v1.53 is still not supported if the extention file is not .jpg (example : cannot read the 01.JPG in the rar package).

      i download for the windows version not unix, and i think it should be not case sensitive (file extention naming)


    • I love your application! It’s a much more captivating experience than the free manga sites out there (mainly because of the super cool pageflips). Hope to see more updates!

    • Love it i been looking all day for some thing els other than all manga reader (another has taken it off like no clue why :(..)
      your looks good ill have a look at it

    • I love mangareader 2.0 because it has a great user interface.
      though I’d like to see the posibility of turning off the mouseclick function to flip the pages. (I am almost always on a laptop and its frustrating flipping pages accidently)

      Also, I’d love to help building skins for mangareader, (I am not so fond of the color green)
      If ur interested pm me anytime at

      Thanks for this awesome program!

  2. both setups in the zip file did not work correctly. i opened either one of them, they began with the licensing agreement which i agreed to. then it extracted properly, only to crash when installing “net5” thingy. setup is damaged, please repair. it looks like a very good prog. it may even rival my current manga reader “CDisplay”

  3. vik,

    Can you tell me what operating system you are running?

    The setup file requires Windows Installer 3.1, and the application requires the .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 to run.

    You can try to download and install these packages manually from these pages:

    Please, let me know how it works out.

  4. the app looks kool, and i would definitely use it but there is one thing stopping me. is there a way to create a chapter by selecting multiple image files instead of adding a page one by one? If it does how do i do it, if not it would be a good addition.

  5. Thanks for the feedback,
    This will be added to the next release (This weekend or next week).

  6. This is a sweet viewer app! Like vik says, this is far sweeter than CDisplay. BTW, what’s this mga/wmga format? never seen that before…

  7. Hi Intrope,

    I am glad you like it.
    I am planning to have more info about the file formats in the Features section. In a few words, mga and wmga files are simply zip files. Simply rename to zip and extract to see the contents.
    The difference between the two is that mga files have the pages/images embedded in the file.

  8. – (minor) installer needs an option on which icons to install. I don’t like crap on my desktop. πŸ˜‰
    – loading a cbr/cbz causes the app to crash even if I rename it to mga. backward compatability with existing content would be helpful. CDisplay isn’t developed any longer and something’s bound to break it sooner or later.
    – need to be able to read manga left-to-right (maybe I just missed this)
    -last viewed/ history & bookmarks would be awesome
    – space bar is nice for page turning. I was surprised pg up / pg dn didn’t work as well (or backspace for previous? like how all the arrow keys are hooked up.
    – zoom feature is awesome. love it.
    – something similar to cdisplay’s zoomed panning feature would be cool. If you’re zoomed in and you hit the spacebar, move the visible area to the next section of unread content until all panels have been read, then move to the next page.

    interface looks very slick

  9. tomf,

    Thats great feedback. I will see what I can do for the next release.

  10. Mangareader is VERY COOOLLL. this is my first time use this program.

    However I still not familiar to use this, I have some question, Can mangareader save the file and then open the file from computer???because I have to use internet connection to read the manga because I am using slow internet.

  11. Apic,
    yes,there is a way to save the file to your computer. Once you open the manga in manga reader, click on the “edit in manga creator ” icon. You can then save the manga from manga creator. Make sure you save as .mga and not .wmga. The later file format requires an Internet connection for viewing the manga. Hope this helps.

  12. I’m having problems using the Online Manga Explorer. It keeps saying Failed to Load. =/

  13. Can you tell me what type of internet connection you have? is it modem/dsl/cable ?
    The Online Manga Explorer gives up if it cant complete a web request in less than 5 seconds.
    I will increase the timeout to 10 or 15 seconds for the 1.2 release.

  14. I also have the same problem it says failed to load. And I use satellite. That’s probably why. It does load sometimes. I believe increasing the timeout to 15 seconds might solve the problem for satellite users.

  15. Hi

    I realy like your reader. Here are my suggestions :

    – Why use ctrl to zoom ? The wheel alone is not used for anything else…

    – I have to says each time I want the pictures in the explorer. The program doesn’t remember.

    – please make it that the program remembers where I was when I closed it. Like that I can get back to the manga I was reading before closing it.

    – please cache the pictures in the explorer. Why re download them again and again…

    – you could cache the manga too but for a small periode like a month or so. All this should be in some settings menu ^_^

    Thanks for making such a nice piece of software. Please tell me if you need some help. I can program and translate in french if you feel like it.

  16. @ Philou

    Thanks for the input. (The admin is fluent in french.)

    -Assistant Administrator

  17. I LOVE THIS THING! I do preffer using right to left reading, for the “manga” feel.

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  19. Hi admin

    I just want put a little suggestion.
    for “Zoom” I have to use two hand which is press Ctrl and scroll the mouse.
    I think is better dont use Ctrl, so just use Scroll mouse to zoom in and we just use one hand.
    thank you

  20. @ Apiq.
    This has been fixed and will be included in the upcoming 1.2 release.

  21. Hi Admin,

    Can we print from Manga Reader???
    Because some time I would like some picture on the manga want to print it.
    Thank you

  22. @apiq

    I will add a snapshot tool in the next release.

  23. Hi, very good work with Manga Reader i like it a lot but i got one question, in a future version would it be possible to download complete Mangas to watch them offline.

    thank you

  24. @ joe

    You can already download mangas and save them on your HDD to watch offline. To do this, open a manga using the online manga explorer, click on the toolbar icon that says “edit in manga creator”, and save the manga using manga creator.

  25. Thank you Admin, perhaps in future version to download complete Set from a Manga

  26. hi..tks for making this cool interface..however the “New Page from Web” feature is not working in the Create Manga Tool.

    Looking forward to more updates.

  27. @ hc
    I am not having that problem. Can you describe what doesnt work more precisely ?

  28. i cut n paste the url and click ok, but nothing happens. even after waiting for about half an hr? repeated tries and trying a different link also does not help.

  29. What’s the image URL that you paste?
    I doesnt allow you to click OK until you see a preview of the image .

  30. You are supposed to enter an Image URL, not a page URL.
    Paste this into the textbox:

    Edit: For some reason, a different image shows up, meaning that the website is somehow protecting its content.

  31. ic. thanks for the prompt help =)

  32. hi again sorry but i’ve got another problem, i created a new volume, added 2 new chapters, but when i preview in the manga reader the 2 chapters are merged together.
    As in, the 1st pg of both chapters are displayed one after another, then the 2nd pg of both chapters are displayed one after another and so on. how could i solve this?

    thank you.

  33. @ hc

    This appears to be a bug introduced in one of the last releases. I will fix the problem in the next release.

  34. hi man i just founded this site to read mandga online is in english maybe you will like it cya:

  35. Hi I really liked your manga reader but i think it would be nice to have a maximize only option besides full screen mode also for the manga creator adding an option of adding zip files or folders as new chapters to a volume would make it easier for people who have their manga split up in zip files of chapters or volumes divided into folders of chapters.

    Thanks for this great WPF application

  36. @ Sowilo,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will add the ability to insert images in zip/rar/tar archives in a future version.

  37. Hello, first of all, congrats on a wonderful effort. I really like it & I think it has potential to take the top place away from CDisplay (which is the best manga viewer in my opinion).

    Here are my recommendations:

    – Button to view the manga (either in single/double page) in full screen. I do not like the zoom feature with the mouse as its a little annoying everytime I move the mouse, the page goes flying away. People like me use tablet pc to read manga so mouse is our primarily device to flip the pages.

    – I like the ‘remember’ last page feature but I would also like to keep the ‘bookmark’ feature of CDisplay as that allows us to bookmark certain sections which we might want to come back to later.

    – A counter of pages in the archive that we are in. So if a manga volume has 30 pages, each page no. would be displayed at the top (where manga name is displayed).

    – Feature to change the shortcuts would be most helpful as well.

    Keep up the wonderful effort. Looking forward to seeing this program develop further. Regards,

  38. Hi Admin,

    I have a quesion regarding snapshot, that will going to clipboard. where the file clipboard is??
    Thank you

  39. Recently everytime I try to open a chapter the program stops responding and closes itself.

    I use windows vista ultimate… Should I set it’s compatibility for windows xp or something?

    Or is your program supposed to work normally on vista?

    I will try it and post if there is a change when I set compatibility

  40. Compatibility changing didn’t work. you emailed me an told me to send you the manga file. I replied and you didn’t respond yet. I don’t know which manga file are you asking about? every manga. any chapter I open and it stops responding and closes by itself. It worked fine before but I don’t know what happened now.

  41. @ Omar

    I didn’t get your email.
    One thing you can try is deleting the manga reader user settings folder. It should be under C:/users/omar/appdata/local/mangareader on vista.

    Let me know how it goes.

  42. It didn’t work

  43. I tried opening a manga from windows explorer and it worked… So far, it’s only not responding whenever I try to view a chapter online. Right after it finishes loading it stops responding.

    Yes I have aero turned on. but I tried basic too. No difference.

    As for my system information. Here is this bit from dxdiag:
    Machine name: KAINOUS-PC
    Operating System: Windows Vistaβ„’ Ultimate (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.071023-1545)
    Language: Arabic (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: INTELR
    System Model: AWRDACPI
    BIOS: Phoenix – AwardBIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.60GHz (2CPUs), ~3.6GHz
    Memory: 2046MB RAM
    Page File: 1731MB used, 2576MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 10

  44. @ Omar

    Do you have IE8 Beta 1 installed?
    There is a bug in IE8 beta 1 that breaks any WPF application that uses web images.

  45. Yeah I do…. I’ll try to uninstall it

  46. Well, I can’t figure out how to uninstall it… Can’t find it in the programs and features list.

  47. It’s in the list of Installed windows updates. In that “programs and features” window, look on the sidebar and click on “View Installed Updates”

  48. Hey

    I’ve got a feature request:
    When you click the last page of a chapter it should download the new chapter of the internet.
    That would be awesome.

  49. @ Largo,

    I have already implemented a feature to quickly navigate to the next chapter. It will be included in the next release.

  50. @Admin
    Thanks a lot admin. Uninstalling IE8 worked. I can use it without problems now.

  51. First of all, thanks for this great application. This is exactly what i was looking for.

    I have some recommendations, may u can do it easily:
    -That you can choose where the Mangas are temporary saved. And may keep them.
    – That when you are near the of an chapter it automatically starts to download the next chapter in the background. So if you are finish with reading an chapter u can go on to the next without waiting. Maybe you can do it that it displays the next chapter right next to the old one and you just have to do a pageflip:)

    Go on with your great work

  52. @ Cayl,

    There is a bookmark feature coming up in a new version that will allow you to “save” mangas.

    Like I mentioned before, there will also be a feature that allows you to quickly load the next chapter.

  53. Hi again.

    I tried to use your program behind a proxy and found I couldn’t use the online features.
    Could it be possible to configure a proxy since it doesn’t seem to be using IE’s parameters.

    Thanks in advance ^_^

  54. @ Philou,

    Thanks for the notice. I have fixed the next version of Manga Reader to use IE’s proxy settings. Have u tried opening a wmga file behind a proxy with the currently released version? That should work.

  55. No I’ve Only tried the manga online explorer.
    I can’t wait for your next release.
    You’re doing a great job on this program.
    Thanks for your time.

  56. A very nice prog, is it portable?

  57. @ TK. To what platforms?

  58. @admin: for windowsxp!

  59. The current version works with Windows XP.

  60. doesn’t work with vista sp1 for me
    i did uninstall manga reader and net framework 3.5 to make a clean install but it’s not working.

  61. @jcoth

    Can you describe the problem in more details? What is not working exactly?

    If you have IE8 SP1 installed, there is a bug in IE8 that prevents any .net 3.5 WPF app to display web images.

  62. hi there πŸ˜€
    i’ve try new version of manga reader, and it’s so cool.

    does this tool allow to read manga from a file compressed , which contain many file compressed, each file compress a image file.

    and here is my demonstration

    srry abt my very bad english :D:D:D

  63. @tank

    you will only be able to see page001.jpeg and page002.jpeg in Manga Reader. The program will not show the content of the sub zip files.

  64. When I try to open manga from the web it says loading then the word disappears and nothing loads

  65. @Omar

    Try deleting the manga reader user settings folder. It should be under C:/users/omar/appdata/local/mangareader on vista.

  66. didn’t work

  67. I have a similar problem like Omar. I startet Mangareader today wanted to browse in the online explorer but it couldn’t retrieve the manga list.
    It’s just showing “Failed to load”. And it’s not even showing, like it doesn’t even try it.
    I also tried to repait or reinstall it, deleted the configfolder in my profile but it was no use:(

    My System ist Windows XP SP2 and i have a cable internet connection.

    Any suggestions?

  68. @ Omar & Cayl

    Try deleting your Internet Explorer Cookies. Manga Reader is probably trying to load from a cookie that is somehow corrupted.

  69. Yup worked. Thanks again πŸ˜€

  70. It hadn’t worked for me. But i recognized that i couldn’t open any webpage in IE(I never use it).
    After i reseted my IP with the command “netsh int ip reset” magareader worked again:)

  71. I noticed that some chapters or series doesn’t open….. Maybe is a problem with my computer… or SO… contact me… pls

  72. This is an awesome program. I do however have some requests:
    – Customizable background
    – The toolbar on the top should have a background too, like windows media center.

    Other than that its perfect!


  73. Found some more requests!

    Autohide toolbar, Volume selection menu and a chapter selection menu in reader, and let the .mga format support rar too, not only zip. Rar compression is much better.


  74. @ Davide

    The problem that you describe occurs with some mangas for which OneManga shows you a “mature” warning if you browse through their website.

    I will fix this for the next release.

  75. I’ve a problem with online viewing
    it crushed many times
    and I can’t view any manga
    the only time it works
    it gives me the first page with the manga and write’s name

    thx for the awesome app πŸ™‚

  76. @Mohamed
    Can you tell me which manga is causing problems?

  77. @Admin, have you read my requests?


  78. mostly all of them crashes with me, or it gives me the first page that have manga and author’s name

    Naruto is for example

  79. @ Koss

    There will be a chapter selection menu in the next version. I will also see if I can add a button autohide the titlebar.
    For mga files, it will only support zip compression.

  80. @ Mohamed
    Thats strange, I am not seeing that. What are the specs of your computer.

  81. I had a problem where I could not I open any online manga, but it ended up being that windows firewall was blocking mangareader, so I made an exception and it worked perfectly. Hope that helps


  82. Wonderful app, great interface and smooth animation.
    Taking a bit to long on loading an archived file. No custom background color? I have a little suggestion: how about adding a boolean option whether to load an image bigger than 1.5 of average page-width as a single page or double (the app always do the latter). Keep up the good work!

  83. @ Lee

    The next version of Manga Reader can display images in “landscape” mode. I don’t think I will implement custom background images, I prefer to have the same background. It’s sort of a branding for Manga Reader.

  84. I read the previous posts and found that el crushes were due to IE8 beta
    so unistalled it
    and it’s working like a charm
    Thanx man πŸ˜€

  85. The berserk scans do not appear!! This is one of the few series I want to read and it’s not there… And the section manga volume never works! Loading always fails.

    thanks anyway, keep up the good work

  86. @ Brubar

    The beserk scans are not available on OneManga: That’s why you don’t see anything.

    Manga Volume changed their site a while back, and Manga Reader has already been updated to integrate those changes. Wait for the next release in June.

    The next release also adds a new tab for

  87. First off, LOVE THE MANGA READER AND THANKS FOR YOUR WORK!!! Although, it would be better if it came with the drop function and a hot button to go through each archive without manually loading it. Thanks again!

  88. Looks like there’s an important issue with wdp images. They come up perfectly in the manga creator, but when saved:
    1. they are converted to .tif (which takes an aweful lot more space)
    2. the link in the xml file stil references .wdp, which means everything is broken in the mange reader.

  89. @ jods

    Thanks for the bug report. I just fixed it.

  90. Hey, I managed to fix that by myself too!
    But now I notice other potential problems:

    – You reencode every page on save. In order not to loose quality on every save, you set the jpeg and wdp quality to 100. But this means longer save time and a lot bigger files! E.g. I created one chapter (49 pages + cover) with the manga creator. The resulting mga is 24Mo but using the original images instead is just 8Mo. That’s three time as big! Given that the complete Manga may be big (say 400 times larger) this makes a lot of difference (well, 6.4 Go actually)!

    – btw speaking about covers: it would be nice to be able to use an image for each volume’s cover, instead of seeing a default text in the manga reader.

    – I have the impression that both the manga reader and creator load the full set of images into memory. It would be a lot more efficient to load and prefetch only a few pages (say 5 pages in advance). The file format is made to support multiples volumes, but without dynamic loading I doubt you could pratically make and use a “complete collection” into one mga (in my case that would probably be around 3.2 Go, see above).

    – An option to display double-page scans would be a nice addition (but surely not a requirement).

    Overall the software is very nice to read mangas on the computer. It’s well done and quite promising!

  91. Sorry to double-post, I forgot one more point:

    – The reader needs a way to quickly navigate through volumes / chapters…

  92. @ jods

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    Quick navigation to next chapters has been implemented and will be included in the next release. Quick navigation to next volumes will be implemented later.

    Regarding the cover/title page, it has been removed and there is another mechanism used to show the title.

    Displaying double-page scans has been implemented and will be available in the next release.

    Prefetching pages will be implemented in a future release (it has been on my todo list for sometime)

    When saving mangas, I plan to have a setting allowing users to choose the quality for jpegs and wdps. I will also probably change the defaults from what they currently are. Maybe this will be in the next release.

  93. Wow that’s great. It’s very impressive!

    I would just like to add that configuring the quality is not the same as keeping the source file unchanged.

    If you repeatedly save a picture at a lossy quality (in my case say wdp 60) it gets worse and worse each time. This is very different from just keeping the same data. (And as I said, copying instead of encoding has the additional benefit of being faster).

    Keep up the excellent work, and thanks for sharing!

  94. I really like the program.
    I used to use Manga viewer form toriyama world, but this is much better than any comic/manga viewer and even picture viewer I seen!
    I like the ability to turn pages by clicking and dragging and also reading from right to left (like in real mangas!) and I like being able to view every thing in full screen.

    I only have one complaint and its a problem I have with opening .rar archives.

  95. AWESOME software!The interface really rocks!Cant w8 for new features!!!A MUST HAVE for all the Mangafans out there!

  96. I had several crashes recently when trying to search in the online explorer while the list is loading. (The app hangs without any error message.) Sometimes it happens, sometime it doesn’t, so I can’t really tell you what’s causing problems.
    (using WinXP Prof SP2 with IE6)

    Really nice app anyway, i’m looking forward for the updates.

  97. It would be great to can navigate directly between chapters and/or volumes in manga reader.

    Good Continuation

  98. Overall, I really like the app., but there’s one feature I’d like to see. The ability to select a page in the middle of a chapter (or volume depending on the file) instead of having to click my way to it.

  99. Hello,

    I’ve just try the latest version (1.5.0) but i cannot open any chapter (i’m getting error message : “unable to load chapter !”).
    With older version 1.2.6 I do not have any problem …

    Otherwise, it’s an awesome software !

  100. Hi,

    Just find how to make it works :
    delete all files under the Manga Reader directory and restart installation program.
    Select repair application and finish (re)installing the software.
    It works for me, so try this if you have the same problem !

  101. nice!
    I can think of only 3 features now:
    1. Caching, or in other words: save all the read chapters (if the users choose to do so), that will avoid having to reload the chapter later, and also save the bw for both the users and hosts.

    2.choose a specific page to read

    3. automatically go to the next chapter when we already finish the current chapter

  102. @ yellow1912

    1. This will be addressed in the next version (bookmarks feature)

    2. This is included in v1.5. If you click on the arrow near the Next and Previous buttons, you can click on a page number to go to that page.

    3. I made it fairly easy to navigate to the next chapter with a single mouse click or shortcut keys. I am not a fan of this type of clippy-like behavior.

  103. I cant understand what’s the problem of this version with the Creator!Whenever i watch a manga from online Browser it want to recreate things and save it it doesn’t allow me to do so!It say unable to save!Why?

  104. @stylez

    I will look into it.

  105. please i need manga reader software but dont support manga creator or manga editing ,only viewer please i need help>>>>>>>>>>

  106. @mohamed

    Can you give me more info about your system? I am not having this issue. One thing you could try is deleting the settings folder in c:/users/mohamed/appdata/etc. I gave the exact path somewhere above.

  107. Great, great, great work!!!

    I love this program, it was the ideal software in my mind!

  108. Cool & useful tool
    Good job

  109. I was thinking about a little upgrade…

    When I make zoom on a page, it is divided in 3 parts pushing space bar, to switch page at the end, and this is very good… but, when I arrive at the bottom of the page, there is half screen wasted with gray background, and sometimes I can’t read the entire words clouds…

    Is possible to divide page in 3 with spacebar like now, without wasting space at the bottom?

  110. hey this is the best manga app ever but it would be really awesome if u could make a portable version for a usb

    also this may be more of an endeavor but make an optional login so u could read manga in more than one machiene

    and maybe a update like thing so when a new manga is added u are informed

    thx for this awesome app ^_^

  111. just downloaded the 1.5 version. lookin’ good. Thanks for the update!

    Can’t wait to see what you add next…
    The only request I have at this point is to add the escape key as a shortcut for exiting and that’s minor.

  112. Hey, I’ve just started using this and it looks great…especially the online content browser.

    Is there any way you can get it to update MAL directly from the reader (sort of like what MAL Updater does for anime)?

    If you haven’t used MAL before, it’s basically a huge online database where you can keep track of the anime and manga you’ve seen. I’m thinking of the sort of thing where after you finish reading a manga from e.g. onemanga, it would automatically update the MAL entry and mark that chapter as read. When you finish a series, it’ll move the manga entry from “reading” to “completed”, etc.

  113. Oops, sorry for the double-post – another suggestion:

    Is there a way to add the manga descriptions from the websites (e.g. onemanga) somewhere to the online browser as well? A lot of the time I’m scanning through the list to see new manga, and I have no clue what each of the manga is about.

  114. Is there any chance to see “Manga Reader” on MAC OSX??

    Thanks for this great software!!!

  115. @ni
    the browser version of Manga Reader will be available on th eMac through Silverlight. I can’t say when though, I haven’t started implementing.

  116. @Richard,

    Auto updating MAL might come in the future, no plans for it yet. Manga descriptions might also come after the redesign I am working on right now.

  117. @elisa,

    i would rather not have to divide the page in 3. The idea is that there are 2 pages (emulation of reading an actual manga). However, there is room for improvement in the algorithm so that not much space is wasted.

  118. @Rohan

    Just copy the Manga reader directory in c:\programs Files, to your USB device. And you have a portable version of Manga reader ;).

    Also, the target machines have to have WPF 3.5 in order to run it.

  119. I’m a frenchy and i’m so happy to see my all funnies Mangas but my english currently is very bad. I think that a multi-language functionnality is missing. What do you think about ?

  120. @JB

    Multi-language functionality is coming. But that’s only within the application. I don’t know of any french sites like OneManga that would provide mangas in French. If you know of any sites, let me know.

  121. Version 1.5 is a lot better than 1.2! Thanks a lot!

    The new double page scan feature is awesome – especially since I’m reading double-page scans πŸ˜‰

    But it has a small bug: it assumes that the page on the left of the scan always comes before the page on the right. Let me explain my problem.
    My scans are from a manga published in the original reading direction.
    So the double pages scans are like this:
    2 | 1
    4 | 3
    and so on…
    I set my preferences for a left-to-right page flip, which is what is correct. But then, whatever the “in page flow” setting is, Manga Reader inverts all my pages. So now the screen looks like this: 1 | 2; 3 | 4. Which is very confusing since the “in page flow” goes exactly the opposite direction.

    So for now I’m reading it correctly (2 | 1; 4 | 3) with a weird page flow (Left to right, which is incorrect but required to fix the page layout).

  122. @ Jods,

    Good catch. I will fix this sometime in the future.

  123. Hey I like your manga readers
    but..I seem to be having a problem with the latest one?
    It won’t load images from a folder..It doesn’t show up when I try to open it =[

  124. @Selena,

    Manga Reader does not support reading images from a folder. only MGA , WMGA and archives (zip, rar, tar) are supported. The major release (v2.0) will have that ability.

  125. Oh ok thank you for responding so fast!
    I re-compressed my files but they still don’t open =T…I’ll try again. Overall, I reallyy love th way this is set up! I can’t wait for version 2.0! Keep up the great work!! and thank you so much for bringing us manga lovers a wonderful reader~ =)

  126. Hi, LOVE this software. I bought a newTouchsmart computer partially so I can have the sensation of actually “turning” pages in my downloaded comics files. But I notice now on this new computer that Manga Reader isn’t opening cbr and cbz files? (It opens zip files). Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

  127. Interesting tool, shame cbr/rar and images from folder are not supported.

    When do you plan to deliver next version ?
    Will you open the code source ?

  128. Did you create the MGA, WMGA formats? If so are you planning on developing them further for future inclusion in different media viewing solutions?

    I was thinking mainly about requesting genres, year started, status (ongoing vs finished), a field for a synopsis and a cover image.

    Basically these would definitely help to make a neat manga library in an application like XBMC for example.

    Because honestly, reading and sorting manga can be a proper pain in the ass.

  129. unless i’m missing something (which i doubt because i have one manga working fine) the mangafox part of the online viewer isn’t working (it always fails to load for me) otherwise this seems to be an awesome program ^_^ (just happened upon here in google)

  130. sorry for double post.. nvm.. it had kept giving me a failure to load message but worked just now.. idk.. maybe trouble on mangafox’s end?

  131. it was great to fix the rar thing and all and now i can also save my manga edits but..i cant load any manga anymore from internet!!!why???Adding to this before it stopped loading internet manga it was displaying blank pages!!Any fix about that yet?

  132. it is a very great app, as so far … but with big archive files the reader loading time is slow … any way to fix it?

  133. Can you please make a customizable background? The gray one is just horrible.

  134. I just want you to know that there’s a little bug in the ver. 1.5 and ver. 1.5.2

    When you choose the fliping direction left to right (japanese style) the double pages are displayed wrong.

    It’d be great if you could correct this, since that way the manga-reading sessions will be more realistic

  135. Thanks for this great program. I would really like to see an autosave image function. After the reader loads the chapter it would be really nice to have an export function where all the downloaded pages can be sent to a zip file for next time instead of downloading from the web again. Or all the pages can be saved to a directory for access later. Thanks!

  136. I love this progam…but it doesn’t support JPG cbr/cbz format.. it supports jpg but not the JPG files. any way to fix this other then renaming each file to a jpg.

    Thanks keep up the good work.

  137. It would be nice to have a slideshow mode. and also the possibility to rotate the window 90 degrees with a true single page mode.

  138. Problem with Manga Reader v1.5.2 (Windows). Problem displaying image of page (page not displayed, only blank page). I read “Death Note” manga from “” site. Problem arose at Chapter 9 “Hole” at page 14. I checked this page with browser – this page exist and looks normal.

  139. The Turning page effect is so cool!!
    But can you please add thumbnail view in windows to see the covers thumbs this should be cool

  140. I really appreciate your work, but I’m desperately waiting for the next release.

    I’m getting these bluescreens shortly after I read some chapters. Then they happen when a chapter is loaded. Does anybody else has this problem? I use Windows XP Prof in German on an Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E8310. So nothing special on my side. I don’t have this problem with other applications so I can narrow it down to mangareader.

    Admin, do you have any idea why this might be happening?

  141. Hi There
    I just wanted to ask if you’re still working on the manga reader?

  142. @cayl,

    Yeah, I am still working on the new version, but it’s going slowly.

  143. Just noticed One Manga seems to be dead..doesn’t seem to load anything (categories & manga).
    Reinstalled and problem was still there..possible to get a quick fix for this =D?

  144. @ShadowAjohn,

    I will look into it.

  145. Me Again,
    Just wondering if it would be possible to have an option to pre-load mangas (like when readed ch1 it will pre-load ch2..and so on).
    Also an option to favourite manga would be useful too..
    Either way keep up the good work =D

  146. I really like this program, and it works great except for consumption.
    The viewer isn’t bad, but it does make my cache jump, but the Mange Editor really destroys my computer’s cache, not sure if it’s just a leak or what.

    I have 2GB of cache and the editor uses over half (like nothing else I have)
    OS: Vista

    also, I was wondering if there is anyway to implement a different program for decompression (the viewer isn’t exactly fast as far as I can tell) this isn’t really important, Just speculating…

  147. Very nice program but the controls are more mouse oriented than what i normally use (ie sideways keys for page shifts and page ups and down)

    there should be an option to move across the page using the keyboard along with the mouse

    also the same as what Java said it seems to use alot of ram and its not exactly lightning fast…

    other than that great job!

  148. Manga Fox seems to have died..looks like they’ve updated the site..
    Would it be possible to get another quick fix for this =D?

  149. Hi!
    I am asking that is there coming out other platform version for this? I would like to see this app on linux πŸ˜›

  150. I love this program, but I have two issues and two feature requests.

    When reading in Japanese mode some pages have double paged images that fit together to make a whole and they are displayed wrong because the program cuts the image in half and reverses them. It would be nice if there were an option to keep these double pages as a whole.

    The other issue is that on certain occasions, the manga creator would save successfully and when I tried to open the file there would be some images that could not be displayed.

    One feature I would like to see is a drag a and drop feature in the manga creator. This would make making them very easy.

    The other feature I would like to see a pre-load of the next chapter so the next chapter could be loading while you are reading using chapters from the online mango explorer.

  151. It keep saying “unable to open the comic book archive” anytime I try to open manga files. I’m using vista, is there a way to fix this?

  152. @rayden,

    I suggest you wait for the next version, which will fix most of these issues.

  153. @scrazen,

    good suggestions. I will consider them.
    You can already drag and drop in manga creator. But the way it’s implemented, it might not be obvious.

  154. @Nrvnqsr
    There will be a version on silverlight. I don’t have a time table yet, but I am targeting version 2.0 or 3.0 of silverlight. So, it should be supported on linux with moonlight.

  155. Awsome !! Great work! Would love to donate πŸ™‚ Maybe a PDA portage ?

  156. Just want to say that I love the program, but the issue with double pages being split and reversed is definitely a problem for viewing stuff in right to left mode. About 95% of my 60GB worth of manga is in right to left format, and a lot of them have some double pages in them.

    An option to leave double pages intact would be great.

  157. Any ETA on an update? Were down to one site this wonderfull program works on… and if Im not mistaken its even the smallest. And seriously, I LOVE this program. A few fixes to its loading methology and it… would be pure bliss.
    A little “save to local” function not requring the creator might be a nice idea. Maybe a browser for local manga. ^.^
    ; . ; I dont like mangafoxes new interface… so annoying, both in its own interface, and its making your lovely program not work with their site atm.

    • @ Rogue,
      I’ll look into releasing a quick fix for Manga Fox.

      • It’s working randomly better now. Now it’s only doing it maybe 1/20 mangas rather than 9/10. Seems possibly something up mangafox side more than your program. Some sort of… dynamic throttling maybe?

  158. Can you make an app like this for the iPhone or iPod touch? I have one appcalled icomic but it just loads zips,I would like something that loads manga from the sites like your program does. Thank you

    • @ Koss,

      I have plans to make an app for the iphone, but only after I am done with the 2.0 version for the desktop.

  159. hello,

    i just updated my mangareader to version 1.5.3 and I am not having any luck trying to read online from mangafox, only onemanga is working at this time. Is this a problem w/mangafox or are there any settings I can change to get it to work w/mangafox at this time.

  160. I would really appreciate an option to change the default background, fonts and colors. If it’s possible already and I missed this, please, tell me how can I do this.

  161. I have a big problem with Manga Reader. It’s a marvellous program, but it can’t work properly with the zip files or the picture files containing Japanese character. When I loaded such a file like that, Manga Reader told me that it cannot load the page. Would you release the new feature for showing Japanese or Chinese characters in Manga Reader? Thanks so much.

  162. Hi nice piece of work πŸ™‚ still it would be nice if online manga explorer was integrated with the first widow, the menu would autohide and was in form of ribbon. Manga reader looks nice but i get a feeling of flash. Sad that after last page of chapter it dont go to next one and i must again go to explorer find it and open next chapter (or maybe i do something wrong). It would be nice if i could add other sites by myself to the online manga explorer, is it possible to make add-ons ?. Still i like it and find myself using it cause i see 2 pages like reading a book πŸ™‚

  163. how to view manga from another site into manga reader????


  164. Alright first i just want to say that you are a genuis. great job with this program. The zoom is great, the single or doublepage view is a fantastic idea and same for the reading flow. Features are amazing.
    But here are some ideas, :
    -First change the set-up for the up and down button, they shouldnt be going to the next page but in case you zoom in you can have the page go up and down.
    -Set up a way so that reader can set up some of their mangas as favorites and everytime they open the program it will give them a warning that the new chapter came out.
    -Have more online manga website choice, not all of the mangas are carried by the onemanga. Plus the manga fox tab doesnt work in the current one.
    -the idea of giving it in multiple languages is fantastic.
    -Maybe you can set it up so that readers can set up their favorite mangas. Like when they open manga readers, a side bar list all their favorites, so they dont need to keep going into the internet manga and search through there. Makes it easier for the readers

  165. Manga Reader is nice,
    but if it had a download tool… it would be the best out there…
    hope you can make that feature

    Keep the good working πŸ™‚

  166. hello,

    I am using manga reader and i find it very cool with the flip effect and all other features to read my ebooks.

    I have only some problem with the current release when opening files in cbr or cbz format.

    1) the reader does not open the file or stop reading the images when there is a non image file in the archive (so if the file is in the first position in the cbz or cbr nothing is read at all).
    2) the images with the extension in uppercase (eg JPG instead of jpg) ar not opened at all.
    3) if the files in the cbr (don’t try in cbz) are write protected (so read only attribute set) then manga reader could not opene them.
    4) The most critical bug i found if during the loading process (when the % is displayed at the top right hand corner) if i close manga reader then the file I try to open is deleted fromp the computer (and not in the trash folder). so to avoid loosing files i have write protected the files (cbr and cbz) and if i close manga reader in that case it generates a framework bug.

    I really appreciate manga reader even if it is a little slow on my computer especially when openeing a big file so i hope those litte bugs will be fixed in a future version of manga reader to completely enjoy using it.

    A little enhancement that I also would like to have in a future version is to have a flip page sound played when flipping pages. And also an option to activate or desactivate it because perhaps some people don’t want to have sounds when reading their books.

    Congratulation to the developper and waiting for the future version of manga reader.


  167. @torins,

    Great suggestons. All these will be addressed in the future release.

  168. Ick. Hate to bring more bad news.

    As of Windows 7 RC, Mangareader 1.5.3, crashes if you attempt to maximize it. At least on my system.

    Seems to run fine if this is avoided.. but ick.

  169. er—left one detail out. It crashes on the view screen. NOT browser. Browser works fine…

  170. As it turns out the crash can be avoided by turning off transparancy. Dont even have to turn aero off all the way.
    (Windows 7, RC)

  171. Still no news on the new release =D?
    Has been quite a while since last one…and mangafox still doesn’t work =(

  172. I’m using windows 7 RC on my laptop and home computer. laptop surprisingly works without crashing under any circumstances so far.

    My home comp unfortunately crashes when I turn to certain pages in a manga (online or offline browsing). On the software side, both comps are the same so perhaps this issue is driver related?

    Anyway, if the admin has any idea why it would be crashing when I hit specific pages that’d be a great help.

    Also, my observation is manga reader doesn’t work with .gif files? This is fairly mainstream for manga, so support for this might be nice for the future.


  173. Does preahps your home computer use a Nvidia graphics card, and your laptop not?…

    I run a 8800gt, using latest Vista 64 drivers atm. Although I also had said issue under w7 drivers from a few versions back.

  174. Yes, my home comp has an nvidia card while my laptop doesn’t.

    I’ve tried the latest vista and windows7 drivers without success so far.

    But here’s an interesting observation: if I uninstall my graphics drivers, no crashing! As soon as new drivers are installed, back to the same problem.

  175. Its definately tied to the current interation of W7+Nvidia drivers.
    Gave a test on 3 other systems I have acess to. 1 with ancient-ass nvidia in it…. it crashed. The other 2, ati and intel gfx, didnt.

    Lovely. Thats not supposed to happen.

    Hmmm. Turning Aero off all the way doesnt seem to help either… desturbing.

    Very strange.

  176. And I have the newest line GTX200 series nvidia card.

    You can avoid crashing only if you uninstall your nvidia driver and use manga reader right then, which is of course not practical.

    Any insight into this? Perhaps the admin has noticed this?

  177. Hi. First i want to tell you all that this is the best manga reader/editor/creator i’ve seen. it has so many cool features. I want to advertise this to many manga site. lol.

    but i found a numerous error. and i dont think i will write it here since torins already post it here.

    well. keep up the good work guys. thank you for this wonderful program.

  178. Sorry to double post.

    but should we need a forums =) just a suggestion..

  179. Hi. I found this program great, but I have however a small problem:
    when I read manga from left to right, there’s sometimes a drawing on a double page.
    In this case, MangaReader cut the image in half and inverse the two parts, so we lose the vision of the image in its entirety. Is there a way to fix this?

  180. hello. your prog is awesome. really.
    just 1 thing i think every1 would apreciate. when we as the prog to remember the manga, when we reopen, we are in fact on the same chapter, but if we want to read the next we have to connect and search the manga again. if the program could also remember where the chapter came from it would be awesome. a favourites thingy would also rock.
    thx for all m8

  181. Sorry to bother, but i haven’t been able to use mangas from manga fox, it loads and it gives me a big 0

  182. Hi.

    Do you know any website where can I read manga into Japanese language?.


  183. Im gona second that a forum would be a good idea XD Preticularly since this comments page leads down… and is geting rather long XD

  184. I’d like to sudjest you that you make your manga reader also a pdf reader so we could read mangas which come in pdf and magazine which often comes in pdf format.

  185. Hey I just recently downloaded your program, I think it is very cool but it has some problems. While reading Naruto 02 I get several pages in and it crashes at the same spot every time. I am using Windows 7 64bit not sure if that is the cause or not. Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem, I really want to be able to use this program πŸ™‚

  186. after reading a few other posts on the feedback i found out that my problem was related to nvidia drivers. I am using nvidia geforce 285 gtx on windows 7 64bit. please let me know if three are any fixes available for this. I am currently searching for earlier versions of the drivers to see if that fixes my problem.

    • Afraid theres no fix for the nvida+w7 issue as of now, I tried quite a few things. Including pre-w7 vista drivers scarily enough.

      You could do what I do, which is to run it in Virtual XP(which is free with w7 beta/rc, and pro/ult once its out) But its a little laggy.

  187. Hi.I am using manga reader and i find it very cool with the flip effect and all other features to read my ebooks

    and i want to tell you all that this is the best manga reader

    but, The most critical bug i found if during the loading process (when the % is displayed at the top right hand corner) if i close manga reader then the file I try to open is deleted fromp the computer (and not in the trash folder). so to avoid loosing files i have write protected the files (cbr and cbz) and if i close manga reader in that case it generates a framework bug.

  188. Looks like an awesome manga reader. Any plans of making a Mac version. One thing Macs severely lack is a well developed manga viewer. I’m positive that a Mac release would generate tons of new fans for your program. You’d have people lining up to Beta for you. Just a plea from a manga deprived Mac user.

  189. Just tried running MangaReader using Darwin, but it appears that MangaReader is based off the .NET framework which would make it extremely hard if not impossible to convert to Mac. It would probably require rewriting the program from the ground up.

  190. @Suzaku,

    Manga Reader will be ported to the mac through Silverlight 3, which has a nice out of browser mode. But I need to wrap up version 2 for Windows before I make the Silverlight version.

    • Mmm. Good to hear from ya xD, also nifty to hear you are going to port this bugger to be platform independant…

      Any eta on the ver 2? And perhaps a quick low grade forum around the same time XD? This page is getting pretty ridiculously long.

      Mangafoxes new interface… really doesnt feel good imo. ^.^’ Cant wait to use mangareader instead.

      Hope youve had a fun summer…

  191. really awesome.
    just want to know, maybe next version this program have ability to serach or read from network. cause i have lot of manga in my NAS. thx.

  192. Man, this program is really good, keep up the good work!

    One thing that I’m missing, is to use the keys to navigate trough the page if it is greater than the monitor resolution… you see, for me, is a very usefull feature, just like in cdisplay

  193. Oh, forget it… I saw the controls!

    This program is perfect!

  194. The software installed correctly, but it won’t let me open any .jpg . I go to the open option and to the folder where the pages are, but nothing shows up. I get the message: “No compatible Image found”.

    I installed the latest version on Vista. Also tried the version before that and I get the same error.

    Is there something i must configure first?

  195. umm how can i turn wmga and mga files into a zip or rar file?

  196. @xcx,

    Simply rename the wmga or mga file to a zip file (change the file extension to zip).

    If you want to create a rar, you can extract the zip and use winrar to create the rar file.

  197. @Nilt,

    What type of file are you trying to open with Manga Reader? you can’t open image files directly.

  198. thank you for your help
    but how can i grap the images from xml file
    btw great software

  199. i mean grab

  200. @xcx,

    The images are actually in the Resources folder after you extract the zip. You can take a look at this page:

    It describes mga abd wmga the file formats in detail.

  201. this is kinda stupid but where is it located ? i dont understand the xml script

  202. i mean when i extract the zip file there is no file by the name resources just the content file

  203. Only mga files have a Resources folder. If you extract a wmga file, the images are not in the zip file. They are online, and the xml file has links to them.

  204. Thank you ^-^

  205. Random idea.
    Would it be possible to link manga reader to
    So for instance, after you read a manga, it would search MAL and add/update

    Also, still no idea when V2 will be released?
    Some of us are dying here since MangaFox ain’t work =P

  206. @ ShadowAjohn,

    I will look into the idea. Somebody made this suggestion a while ago too. I ‘ll try to get MangaFox working a release a small update fro now.

    i don’t have a release date for V2 yet. Since I did a complete rewritte, it’s taking time.

    • @ Admin,

      Sweet, thanks =D.

      Also got one more question, is it possible to change the color of the text in the search box?…having quite a bit of difficult actually seeing anything I type due to the text being grey on grey.

      Anyways, keep up the good work =D

  207. Hi ,Thanks for the amazing program .
    There are some problems with the program:
    1- IF the images inside a folder inside the cbr ,cbz file the program will not work .
    2- sometimes the program cant see all the image inside , but if i repacked the file to cbr (cbr > Jpg > pdf > cbr ) the file work !!!
    3- sometimes the program say i(in some pages) cant load the images , i re-save the image (in paint or photoshop) put them in cbr file , they work !!!!!!!

    Note : The manga in my hard driver not in the internet

    I hope you can fix the problems , and Thanks to you

  208. Man this aplication is the best, i im my eeepc with small screen cant read manga until now, execelente aplication.

    I thing that i wish if is possible to add into future releases, is download a full manga for exemple from onemanga or something like, all chapters to one folder, giving each manga 1 folder, and each chapter one folder too, or zipping it, giving numeration like Chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3… (i think that would be easier, but adding a file that manga reader can read to know the correct order of the images in that folder world the cool too), o, to be more organized, and with a list system, we can have access to all mangas that we have localy, and that system can keep that manga folders updated, throght manga sites direct download or manually by us inserting a zip file, when dont exist that update in the available sites suported from manga reader and we have the chapter.

    I know that is a bit complex but it already download the mangas, pratically is just add a list manager, with a system that can find updates, and the be able to zip, and organize the chapters.

    I’m waiting for your opinion admin.

    Anyway keep the developement of this wonderfull tool

  209. Great app!
    Anybody know an android application for MGA / WMGA files?

  210. Very nice, but I’m using Manga Reader v1.5.3 under Win7 and it refuses to read .png files inside on High_School_Girls_v01_senfgurke2_1280w.rar, it says “incompatible format”, this is first time, so far the others mangas I’m reading, works just fine.

    Please, check it out.


  211. I’m using the 1.5.3 version under windows 7. The reader crashes whenever there is a full colored or big .jpg files.. I’ve tried everything, setting the compatibility to vista, xp but still no luck.. I looking forward for an update..

  212. Hi, thanks for the great program.

    Im having a problem with the Manga Reader not opening all of the file in my .rar archive. With some volumes it is only loading the first chapter, and some it only opens a few random pages. Any way to make it read an entire .rar easily?

    Keep up the good work

  213. I agree with kekes above post, if there was the ability to download all chapters of a manga at once and the ability for it to check updates that would make this program THE BEST! or at the very least a way to mark the mangas we are currently reading online and have the program alert us when their is an update to them. I have a program that allows me to download all chapters, but if that was implemented with this program it would be way cooler cause then I could short read manga and if I like it download the whole thing in one shot for my later reading at my convenience or on the travel. Just my thoughts, anyway thanks for an already awesome program!!!

  214. It’s the best app for read manga and other documents πŸ˜€

    i have a tabletpc and the program flow nice πŸ˜€

    But, i wanna a new option, or i not see that:
    i cant set zoom for one full screen page :uy

  215. im currently using 1.5.3 and windows 7…

    – it not support RAR file format
    – Wrong page direction (read left to right mode)
    – need improve in option dialog.


  216. THIS…….IS……..WIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I love this software/program.

  217. Is there a feature that doesn’t flip a double page image when in oriental view and flipping mode.

    i have to use page flow in oriental mode and flip flow in ocidental mode only to prevent the ivnersion crop of the double pages

  218. i love your work , but the program still has some buggy πŸ˜€ , really nice if you can fix it πŸ˜€

  219. Hi,

    thank you for this nice programm. I really love it. There are some problems on Win 7 x64 (wrong window size, hang ups). I hope you can fix it.

    I’d like to donate for this good job – how to do? ^-^*

    Kind regards from Germany.

  220. Stumbled on this software today and I’m going to put a text wall with my requests (LOL). I don’t like the “turn page” effect much. I would love to have options on the background color like pure black for example. Taking auto-cropping of image to fit screen out is a plus to me. Integrating OneManga and MangaFox website to the software is great but MangaFox doesn’t show any Manga. Too much movement hard to concentrate reading. Would love to see image only and using hotkey for menus. Oh I don’t how MangaReader works yet but it seems those CBT archives I’ve put together using 7zip; most of them can’t be opened. Some do open though small sizes. If you could integrate aspects from CDisplay I’d change to this software even if it cost me money.

    Great Job! Its a great concept, has a lot to offer, will be major software in Manga reading. Since I’ve been using CDisplay for a long time and simplicity rocks, I’ll stick to it for now. Would love to use this software a bit modern. xD

  221. Sweet program. I like the interface and the online manga reader is an excellent idea. However, is there a way for the single page to be really just single page. Whether or not it is selected two pages are there, it just changes the centering as far as I understand it, but I usually zoom a picture so it’s width fit the desktop width. So in the way that is visits the next inseen section it ends up centering in the left side correctly more or less and then move almost vertical downwards but then on the right side it moves in a zig-zag way which kinda bothers me. So I think that is there was a really single page view it might not do that

  222. i start getting a problem with my mangareader on my XP windoews everytime i read the manga online when i go to the next chapter some time doesnt fully loded and shows white pages and sometime it shows a half grays pages
    need help thanks

  223. Feature Request:

    Ability to save screenshots of manga, copying to clipboard is a bit useless if you could just save it =P.

  224. Hey.

    Awesome program but please fix it so mangafox works.

    If you are lacking time would it be possible to get the sourcecode so i can fix it myself? i got a good idea what it’s that needs to be fixed for it to work.

  225. Seems that mangafox doesn’t work anymore. Could that be fixed? I kindly inquire.

  226. Hi There

    Are you still working on the MangaReader?
    Have you ever thought about making it opensource, so other people could develop it further if your in lack of time.

  227. Hi,

    First, this manga reader is awesome!

    There’s a small bug regarding file name extensions.
    It doesn’t seem to be accepting the archive if the file name extensions are JPG instead of jpg. Should this really be case sensitive?


  228. Just installed Manga Reader and I love it! I have two feature requests tough:

    – Please add windows explorer thumbnails, CDisplayEx has this and it is very useful for quickly scanning through many volumes of a manga.

    – An option to subscribe to a manga in the online manga explorer, like the Updated category but with only the manga you are subscribing to.

    I hope you consider adding these features πŸ™‚

  229. Hi! When I get news mangas through Online Manga Explorer, where they’re saved? There’s a way to change the default location? Could you improve this?

  230. Really cool application, looks very neat and tidy.
    I have noticed so far 1 feature that should be considered:
    The ability to change what pages are viewed, a lot of manga i read starts off on the wrong page due to the scanlation groups logos and whatnot.
    This leads to spread pages being shown the wrong way around.
    Changing the page flip direction fixes this but then you have to read right-left on the left page before the right page which feels weird.
    Other that this its a great program and I’m looking forward to future updates πŸ™‚

  231. Awesome for online manga =) For ZIPs and RARs I use Quivi (open source) but it would be cool if this application could handle such packed archives that may not contain the standard formated images. Mangareader wouldn’t open some Love Monster RARs – maybe because one page there consists of 2 magasides. Whatever – Quivi has no probs with it, so Managreader shouldn’t either.

  232. for left to right reading, for a center spread page(i.e. 2 pages combined),

    MR automatically split the picture into 2 and displays it in reverse(i.e. left and right parts switched).

    I originally thought the in flow button might help with that, but it does not seem to have any effect whatsoever.

    Maybe anybody have a solution/explanation?

    appreciate it, thx

  233. Same thing as Zil here. those spread pages are split and displayed incorectly. The in page flow option doesn’t seem to work for me either.
    PS: Does Admin still work on this project? Cause it looks like he didn’t drop by since August (T^T)

  234. @Shinji-kun

    Why you think some of us have asked about it getting converted to Opensource so other people can work on it or have someone else take it over.

  235. When i load online manga from one manga i get Unable to load page. what can i do to fix it ?

  236. @Eric Scott

    Same problem here…the loading takes forever, more than 5 minutes for every chapter, and when it’s finally done all the pages are “Unable to load”. I tried a lot of different manga with same results…there’s probably a problem in Manga Reader connecting with Onemanga, maybe they changed their script and that’s screwing with the Reader…dunno :/

  237. I’ll be looking into the OneManga issue over the weekend and release a fix if necessary.

  238. I prefer ComicRack better. Mainly for excellent Library and richer features. Has all options for reading manga. And developer haven’t gone missing πŸ˜‰

  239. hi this happened just recently, while opening manga reader a window popped up saying manga reader has stopped working.. i run a windows 7 os and here are more details of the error..

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: mangareader.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 499b5a3f
    Problem Signature 04: PresentationFramework
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4a174fbc
    Problem Signature 07: 624f
    Problem Signature 08: e1
    Problem Signature 09: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParse
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

  240. Ur last release is lyk over a year ago!

  241. Hello
    We would like to use your protocol file for storing information about manga. For such a project …
    And in part it worked out. It would be great if we had done it in place – that something like the standard for the storage of such information.

    P.S. Google Translated from Russian.

  242. @Admin: Been waiting for a while on the next release.
    Still no set date on when it will be released?

    Also, would it be possible to fix the MangaFox issue? It’s been dead quite a while, and it seems to have a ton more than onemanga.

  243. thank you

    but i’m Thai

    i want to use this program on thai website

    how can i add this website on your program

  244. @ son
    The current version is not extensible. I am hoping to make the next one extensible.

  245. thank you

    i hope too

  246. Mangafox isnt working, there a fix coming around for this?

  247. it good men..but to slow if we read online..maybe cause download the manga? and after that the page wont load 😦 but worked fully if offline read

  248. Having problems with .rar support on 32 bit windows 7

    Read the first 6 volumes of berserk just fine but it fails to open volume 7+. Each volume is a .rar with jpegs. I havent found a difference in any of the files. I updates everything, including the .net framework yet the problem persist. Repairing the installation didnt help either. cdisplay opened the files just fine but I cant stand cdisplay.

    Also loading files from onemanga fails instantly, i.e. not a timeout. and it fails to even show content hosted on manga fox

  249. Can we hope for a new version any time soon?
    thanks i really cant read any manga without this anymore..all the other software sucks in comparison.

  250. Hi everyone. You did a really good software. I like very much to turn pages like a real comic, and the zoom function is very intuitive.

    But it takes a long time to load a .zip file, so it’s a pity (i have a very fast actual machine with windows 7 64 bits ultimate).

    Is there a way to make the decryption/opening faster (at least charging few pages fast, then, taking time to load, as the user are reading)?

    I hope you can correct this annoying latency, to really have the best software for comics/manga reader.

    Congratulation for the big and wonderful job you already did.

  251. Love the software. Love it. I do have an idea for a feature to be added… support for the new Onemanga beta tracker they have. Otherwise awesome stuff

    • yeah, Even though OneManga is closing down, the beta tracker is awesome, such a feature would be appreciated if possible. Its hard to keep track of all the manga i am reading.

  252. I like Manga Reader and have been using it for quite some time. However, it is _not safe_ /!\

    If the loading process doesn’t finish properly (closing, loading another archive, unsupported archive type, …) you might find your archive DELETED…

    Note: i’m using Manga Reader v1.5.3

  253. Really need to try and fix Mangafox support.
    OneManga has announced that they’re taking down all the manga.

  254. @ShadowAjohn
    I will be fixing that soon, and also adding support for

  255. ALERT!!!!!

    One Manga to be shut down by next week.
    Go to to read the update letter.
    Personaly I believe this to be a really bad April Fools Joke
    Just Be Warned

  256. Hey

    i am loving this program but i have noticed that it’s reallyr esource intensive

    basically what i am doing is makign all my manga into a mga volume using the manga creator


  257. Hey when can we expect the next release of manga reader and creator i really like this app

    also is it possible to get source code i was thinking of tryign to re write the archiving method to speed things up a bit and maybe get better compression

    but still i am loving this software

  258. Yes one manga is closing down its not a joke πŸ˜›

  259. Hi, I love MangaReader, i use it all the time.
    I was wondering. While using the MangaFox option in MangaReaver v1.5.4. Is there an effective way to search all the manga? i can only seach for manga in a specific catergory, as there is no β€œAll” catergory.

    And sighs for OneManga closing down

  260. @Ender
    I didn’t implement it because it takes too much time to get the information from the MangaFox website. It requires downloading about 69 webpages, and parsing out the information. They don’t have a single page with a list of all their mangas.

  261. i just noticed that when i try to read the manga with the page flip direction going left to right that the landscape pictures display wrong… the part of the picture that goes on the left is on right and the one that goes on the left is on the right side…

  262. Hi, When i serch on MangaFox Kaichou wa maid sama i have crashed manga reader. And when i just whant look at other janre? not “action” manga reader crashe to. Sorry for my English, but I dont know what to do!!! Please HELP!!!

  263. Me again. Dont ban me for all my stupid question πŸ™‚ Would it be hard to let manga reader save the list of mangas on the local PC and then only check for changes everytime, so it does not have to dl the manga list everytime and it might be able to search through all the manga that is on the local pc, maybe through all three sites. Also, what do you use for your searches? a variation of suffix tries?

    its just what i was wondering about. I dont have any problem with how thing are, love the Manga Reader

  264. Firstly, i’d like to thank you for such a great software.
    And secondly, i’s like to state one question – when listing manga in Online Manga Explorer in certain category (e.g. Romance on MangaFox), not all manga from this category appears (in current example – only till letter G), so i can’t see other manga (while if you search this category via browser there are much more manga). So, I’d like to ask if there is any issue for me to see all of manga or at least other part of the list?

  265. The option to have bookmarks would be nice. Or some sort of notification when a series gets updated.
    However, an extremely nice program. the interface is amazing

  266. Hello!

    First, I would like to thank whoever developed such a nice software for reading manga. It’s very easy to use.

    The only complaints I have are that you can’t hide the menu bar and the double spread pages end up wrong when you flip pages from left to right.

    Hopefully, it is fixed in a future version?

  267. Hey, love the program, just have a question. It may just be that I’m missing something, but so far, I’ve had no luck figuring it out.

    I’ve found that often when a .rar file containing a manga is broken down into subfolders for each chapter, Manga Reader can’t handle it properly. If the .rar contains a couple of pictures outside the folders, it’ll display those and nothing else. If it contains nothing but folders, it just brings up the “can’t find manga images” (or whatever it says) message.

    So far I’ve just been manually expanding the .rar’s, pulling the pictures out of the subfolders and making one large folder for each volume, but this is obviously tedious and time-consuming. Just wondering if there’s something I’m missing.

  268. Really like this reader, but i miss a inbuilt portrait mode.


  269. MangaStream doesn’t seem to work anymore, i’m guessing they changed some stuff around.

    Also small feature request, any chance of getting a site with an “updated” list on it…? Something like what OneManga had would be awesome.

  270. Why I could not view individual page on Manga Reader? Does it means I MUST READ what is available in .rar, .zip and other “bundled” package only?

    Is there another way around to that – for me to read individual page(s) individually…??? Thanx!

  271. I mean to unrar (Sorry if that is the wrong word, but what I really meant by that is to open rar and have every page in one folder, you know what I mean)… So, that way, I can read each page individually? Because when I use Manga Reader- it does not recognize JPEG, PING, or something like. It did not find anything or CANNOT IDENTIFY and find them. The only way I can (and am able) to read on Manga Reader is when rar is not touched. So, yeah… Is there a way around to that one?

  272. Oops! I MEANT TO SAY: EXTRACT the files or a folder from .rar. That is what I MEANT! Once it was extracted- and I wanted to view individual image on Manga Reader by selecting a specific image- NOPE! It did not work. Has to leave .rar files/or folder INTACT (meaning no extract). So, how can I get around to that by viewing individual image? I hope this make sense.

  273. awesome reader. but i can seen to get it to show one page at a time. always shows a part of the next page.

  274. Hi is it possible to archive manga into png files?

  275. Actually I tried saving as .mga but it said “unable to save manga document” this is a manga from mangastream

  276. Option to allow scroll wheel to control next/previous page.

    Only found 1 comic reader that allows this, but unfortunately it’s not amazing in any other way.

    But those of us who run large, high resolution monitors don’t have much use for zooming, while being able to quickly flip through pages is a godsend in some situations.

  277. great prog you have there!!
    ive been using cdisplay sofar and recently switched to manga reader since its cooler animated
    but since the swith i miss an feature or i didnt find that feature by now

    cdiplay coould preloade several arcives so u could read several volumes without manualy select the next one

    if manga reader had this feature too it would perfect πŸ™‚

  278. for some reason when i try to save manga in the Manga Creator it comes up with ‘Unable to save manga document!’
    I’ve tried with the .mga format but it keeps coming up with that error
    Also, it would be good if there was an option to save it as either cbz or cbr
    In terms of reading it though it’s a great program, just saving could use a few improvements in my opinion

  279. doesn’t seem to be working with mangastream anymore

  280. @Belliom,
    I’ll look into it.

  281. Cool, looking forward to it : )

  282. when there is a “thumbs” file inside a zip archive, manga reader cannot read past it, it sees the previous file as the last one

  283. HELPP ME….!!!
    I’ve just installed the latest MangaReader version (1.5.5). Used to work perfectly but it suddenly says
    ” Manga Reader has stopped working” everytime i open the program. I am using windows 7, and have tried to run from administrator (it wont work).

    Here’s the problem details:

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: mangareader.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4ca13fad
    Problem Signature 04: WindowsBase
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4a174f32
    Problem Signature 07: e4
    Problem Signature 08: 1b
    Problem Signature 09: FatalError
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

  284. Unable to set MangaReader v1.5.5 as prefered/recommended program to open files. ie rar/zip

  285. Hello!
    It would be nice if it was on the ipod touch!

    Good job, I really like it and it works perfect πŸ˜›

  286. hi,,
    i have installed v1.5.5
    i have issues when open mangafox on online reading for second time its just show failed to load, but manga-haven or manga stream its ok,, i have been check network activity, but unfortunetly manga reader not send request on mangafox tab, but on manga haven and manga stream send request,
    i guess manga reader have temp, and access this before send request, maybe broken temp file,
    where i can remove temp file,
    i have reinstalling(uninstall first) for couple times, unfortunely not effect,,
    can you suggest me, how i can solve this…

  287. i installed v1.5.5
    the mangastream option doesnt work.. It shows the manga but when i open it nothing.. it wont load 😦

    ps.. why no mangashare or mangavoulme?

  288. Hi,
    I’m an italian fan of mangas, I want to translate it to italian language. Are you agree if i’ll do that?

  289. Working pretty well now. Though mangafox occationally gives a bubble instead of cover page in bulk view. Sometimes more than other times.

  290. apparently mangastream isn’t working again

  291. HELP!!! I’ve just installed manga reader 1.5.5. The installation worked just fine but the program is unable to run…. It appears a stopped working notification every time i open the program. Anyone knows how to fix this problem???

    I am using windows7 32bit, I’ ve tried everything possible to run the program eg: reinstalling the program, installing net framework (ver 4), running as administator; yet none of them are working!!!!!

    Any suggestions??/?

  292. Just thought i would say that Mangastream is not working on v1.5.5

  293. great program ,But The problem is when switching to right to left the double page get reversed 😦 Can u Fix That ?

  294. Awesome program, now a necessity on my computer. I would really like to see (unless there is one already) a feature that allows me to change the background behind the pages. Would be cool!

  295. Manga-heaven fails on loading and as u probably know(by all the other posts) mangastream doesn’t work eiter.
    And make it possible to open files with Thumb.db.

  296. It would really be awesome if you could to that
    Cant wait

  297. I love this manga reader but I’ve noticed something that is kinda bugging me it doesn’t contain all mangas it is missing all mangas from v-z and as we all know a lot of mangas do start with them letters so i’ve had to read any mangas starting with them letters on the mangafox site itself instead of using the reader.

  298. The Manga Creator doesn’t seem to allow the creation of files bigger than 300mb, every time I get around that it just stop showing the thumbnails of my folders and when I try to add more images it just doesn’t load on the Creator at all… Is it just me or it has been reported before ?

  299. Hmm, sometime the software just randomly del files that is opened. They are .zip files with… I am on win7 64bit. If possible in the future version maybe fix this bug?? i am not even sure how is that possible tho unless manga reader has some code to del files….

  300. Great software. I don’t know why but if I set the Japanese mode (page flip left to right) the double page pics get split and reversed. I have version 1.5.6, if you fix that would be great.

  301. Hey! on mangafox, possibly because the amount of manga is so much, the title list tends to only go down to ‘s’ and ‘t’ on most genres! since the new (and brilliant looking) version of this brilliant program is coming up, do you think you could please it, i would love to be able to e.g get xxxholic on mangareader online!
    Awesome program though

  302. A really nice feature I think everyone would like is a list that auto tracks manga you’re reading. For example place a simple checkmark besides track. This would allow you to bring up a list later displaying all the manga you’re tracking. In the list I believe an option like last chapter read and current chapter released would be good categories.

    Title | Last Chapter | Current Chapter | Date released |

    Still a very good program that I use daily already though. Keep on improving it so everyone hears of it. ^-^

  303. Fantastic program, thank you so much for its creation πŸ™‚ it does everything I need. There is just one small thing that would be a bit of a bonus, being able to reverse the order of the pages en masse, I’m able to by hand singly, so I can still make my manga’s the way I wish, but it gets tedious with the bigger manga’s like Bleach and Naruto. (maybe you already have it and I’m just a retard, but yah) Thanks so much.

    • you can go to settings, page flip direction or in page flow if you want to change it if i understand you correctly. I dont think it works correctly with the double pages though

  304. I could translate MReader to Hungarian if you’re interested πŸ˜‰

  305. Great program, but it would be nice if you could support 7z archives (cb7).

  306. It would be nice to skip to a specific page. I haven’t found any way to do this currently.

  307. Thank you for your great program.
    It helps me a lot. You are a genius x).

    So I want to know if there will be a french mangas site like anime-story ? Or a french version (if you search a translator, I can help you x) ) ?

  308. i like the reader allot…it would be cool though if you could create a favorites list that would some how keep track of where you are in your mangas..kind of like how onemangas beta before they got shutdown otherwise its the best ive seen

  309. i dont understand why when i go left to right page flip and right to left in page flow ( like it should be in a manga) the double pages are reversed and i need to change the setting to right to left flip in order to read this double page properly. Im talkin about online manga, manga fox in the 1.5.6 version. Pls fix this

  310. Any hope of this coming to MacOS? I have to switch from a windows machine soon and would hate to lose this awesome reader.

  311. Nice program!
    I really like it =)

  312. @Nyght : Mangas Reader is based on Microsoft .Net Framework. So I didn’t think there will be a Mac OS support soon.

  313. Anyone know why, in the Online Browser, Manga Fox’s list of mangas isn’t the full list? The one I want to read isn’t on there, which is definitely annoying. I hate reading online, so this is a big disappointment! :<

  314. Love it. The only issue I have is when I ask it to save my last read chapter for a manga. It does so however I cannot load the next chapter or the previous chapter without going back to the browser manga and selecting the chapter I wanted to read.

  315. Hi there,
    I’m having some problems with the ” Go to next Chapter ” and ” Go to previous Chapter ” function:
    As I’m reading with the list as:
    +Chapter 1
    +Chapter 2
    +Chapter 10
    When I finished reading “Chapter 1″ and press on the button ” Go to next Chapter “, for some reason, instead of “Chapter 2”, it jumps right to “Chapter 10” (?) The same goes for “Chapter 3” to “Chapter 30″ instead of ” Chapter 4 “,i.e

    But when I change the file names into these, this problem stopped:
    +Chapter 01
    +Chapter 02
    +Chapter 10
    This time, it jumps correctly

    Anyone can show me how to fix this without having to change the file names? I mean, it really becomes annoying when I’m reading some series with more than 100 Chapter, I’ll then have to change all of the chapter numbers from 2 digits into 3 …

  316. just installed the newest release and it doesn’t work…

  317. Sir, sir the online feature doesn’t work anymore it says unable to load chapters (v1.5.6)

  318. I tho have the same problem as mr Jim Raynor, thus i declare pron time.

  319. i got v1.5.6 when i try to load any of the Manga from mangafox it says unable to load chapter

  320. v1.5.6 will view the mangafox and mangastream sites and both will download the mangas, but when mangafox goes in to the viewing mode only the first page is repeated for the whole chapter over and over again. Mangastream is fine and i have the correct .net framework installed. I also rolled back to the v1.5.5 and the problem was still the same.

    • i think it is a problem which has popped up lately i didnt have this problem before but i do now. must be a problem with the mangafox server i think

  321. make titlebar disappear in fullscreen mode and popdown when i take mouse to top edge of screen.

  322. hello,
    I just updated manga reader from v1.5.3 to v1.5.6 b/c of the reminder. Now, when i open a manga in online explorer from manga fox, it only shows the first 2 pages over and over again for every page in that particular chapter. I’ve tried multiple mangas w/no change.

    I uninstalled and tried vers 1.5.5, 1.5.4 and 1.5.3 w/no change. I have .net 3.5 and .4 installed and nothing else has changed on my laptop, do you have any recommendations for me to try to get manga reader working again?

    • Ok, so according to Droke and Dan below, the same thing is happening with them. So, this might be a manga fox update thing. Sorry, to hear that more ppl besides me are having the problem, and glad I’m not losing my mind!

  323. First, have to say I love the reader. I use it a lot. …probabily too much.

    I do however have a problem that I cannot personally adress. When I view a manga from Manga Fox, I only see the first page. The whole chapter seems to be there, but its just the first page repeatedly. This happened in the middle of a session, and has effect on every chapter I have tried. Rebooting my computer did not help.

    Is there any way to correct this? Mangasteam works fine, its just Manga Fox.

    • I just want to piggy-back off of Droke and say that I’m having the same exact problem. I just keep seeing the same page over and over again.

  324. hi. i cant seem to get the online explorer working in v2.0.thanks

    • In v2.0 the online explorer is not available because it’s in development, you’ll have to download the manga for the time being :(. Nu-i frumos

  325. Please update it…

  326. i accidently uninstalled it n now all my mangas are gone. is there any way to get it back i don’t remember what mangas i have read

  327. Hey I have an odd problem, I love the idea of this program but when I turn pages it never turns, it looks like it does and the page number changes but its the same image, so its stuck on page 1 on page 23 for example. Any ideas? I am on Windows 7 32bit.

  328. Great prg. But…why does it not run zip and rar files together? If I click on a zip file, it will only show zip files in a row and not include the rar files. Same thing for rar files.

  329. Hey, yeah I’m having that same issue as Chris, where it only loads the first one or two pages and repeats them for all listed pagenumbers. Also, it would be good to support if it’s not too much trouble. they’re how I found your program, too!

  330. Hey, I’m having problem with opening .rar files. I can open .zip but not .rar :S

  331. Hello,

    I just tried to download latest version 1.5.6 but kaspersky antivir gives me following warning:

    Detected: Trojan-PSW.Win32.Dybalom.ggo

    I don’t get the warning with the download of 1.5.5 though.
    So yeah, it might be just my system identifying it wrong, but maybe you want to look into it, just in case.

    Kind regards

  332. Would it be possible to have a “save” option to save a current issue with all pages on the hard drive for offline reading? Would be awesome

  333. Hey, I’m having some trouble with some downloads though the app. (Mangafox) For instance the newer air gear chapters only show first page, and mangastream doesn’t seem work at all for all I know.

    So I’m currently using the 2.0 alpha and I like it quite a lot, however I do miss the online manga browser (which doesn’t seem to work at all in 2.0, just says “Online explorer tab”)



  334. man i loved this little devil of a program
    however, my problems are the same of many guys here…
    online experience is quite broken in the reader, ’cause the first server(manga stream…) doesn’t work AT ALL for me, and manga fox is just displaying the first page of any of the manga’s, if i insist too much in changing pages, the program crashes on some mangas…
    quite disastrous, however if i go to the main page it works fine there…
    i bet the site got a recent security update or so, same thing for manga stream, which simply won’t display anything anymore…
    let’s hope you can get this fixed, i loved that program!
    the manga editor is quite crashy too, i can load the first cbr of bleach but all others just makes the editor crash, and i can’t read the other cbr’s in the manga reader too…

    well, i foresee a little talk with the manga server owners so you can fix the repeated page issue on manga fox and no-show mangastream server

  335. oh and again, very nice and useful program, keep up the good work!
    motivation for the devs=better programs for the users ;D

    • Well it might be the problem as you say that the sites have some kind of new security or such, but I’ve never experience any crashes, or bugs except as I stated before.

      Well what I figured out is that I’ll just use the 2.0 alpha and D/L the manga I want to read from the scanlators pages, until there’s a new version or or some kind of beta or such.

  336. well its been quite some time since the last version….. i hope its coming out soon

  337. why it wont red pdf are programing error or adobe privilege privacy

  338. hey! i’ve been a fan of your awesome program for quite some time now.. now, i know you’re finishing the 2.0 which is also genius, i’m using it right now. about the 1.5.6 i just gotta say i can’t use the online explorer and it crashes too constantly – so i had to reinstall 1.5.5

    apart from that, i’ve been using 2.0 by downloading the cbr/cbzs with DomDomsoft manga downloader. i know there are other downloaders out there as well. anyway, i download them and your program reads them perfectly and even manages to change chapter recognizing the next file.
    where i want to get to is a suggestion: is it possible for you to get part of the code or discover how domdom’s manga downloader gets their files? because you also browse the mangas inside their program and they seem to manage to keep their sources working, apart from having a large selection of those. i’m just trying to contribute here, hope i was helpfull in anyway. keep the genius work man!

  339. I absolutely love this program! Keep up the awesome work! πŸ˜€

  340. A news or something that confirms that you still exist would be nice. How is the development of the new 2.0 beta version going on?

  341. The versions are so cool but I have one question.Why when I open the online manga explode and open the manga but it just show only one page?

  342. The versions are so cool but I have one question:Why when I open the online manga explode and open the manga but it just show only one page?

  343. First off, let me say that I absolutely love your program, it’s an absolute work of art. However I am having one issue with it. I am running Windows XP 32 bit and Manga Reader 2.0 Alpha and whenever I try to use the jump to page feature it crashes the reader.

    • I just DLed V1.5.6 and I can’t open regular folders with pictures, whereas V2.0 has the option to “Open Image Folder. Does everything before V2 need to be in a .zip file to be read by manga reader or am I missing something?

  344. I just downloaded the latest version of Manga Reader ( 1.5.6 ) and also the Alpha version of 2.0.

    In 1.5.6 I had problems with the online explorer where only the first page would show up. When I flip through the entire chapter all of the pages show up as the picture from the first page… So far that was the only problem. And at first I had no idea what to do xD maybe show an overview of everything.

    For 2.0 I think it’d be nice to be able to scroll up and down using the up and down arrow keys. So when you’re in Fixed Size mode, it’ll be easier to read since you can already read it without zooming.

  345. Anne,

    I have been monitoring the responses here for some time. Were you able to get the online explorer to work w/the alpha version 2.0? I had not worked for me. I have been unable to use this for online manga since this problem of “only 1st page displayed” occurred.

    • jba,

      I was not able to get the online explorer to work in 2.0. When I click the tab for it nothing shows up, just green. I hope they’ll fix it soon!

    • Yeah, he hasn’t implemented the online features yet, just placeholders for when he gets around to coding them.

  346. Anne,
    thanks for the reply. I will have to put some time in and find another alternative to reading online manga at some point. Currently, I dload manga from stoptazmoDOTcom and bakabtDOTcom (torrents), I’m frustrated, b/c this program was a much nicer way to read manga online, the mangafox interface is one page at a time and stinks in terms of formatting…unless you have a 30″ or so monitor. If anyone else is able to get online manga reading working again, please reply!

    • To jba couldn’t you format through extension of All Manga reader which enables endless viewing instead a click at a time or something?

  347. Why Manga Reader load only cover of all online manga from Manga Fox? In Manga Stream I haven’t any comics. I have Manga Reader v.1.5.6, .Net Framework 4 and Win XP

  348. Wonderful program, I love the alpha especially, with all it’s good transitions and HD graphics.

    There are however, a few problems in the version prior to the alpha.

    I tried downloading a few manga in the browser and it kept giving me the first page repeated x number of times, with x being the amount of pages.
    I am very pleased that the alpha opens image folders, as making a mga file feels really clunky and slow, especially without a batch web image function, and I definitely DO NOT want to make the mga’s from scratch.
    The last problem I observed is the lack of some sort of mga sharing site, either that, or my google-fu isn’t as good as I thought.

    Either way, just being able to open my backgrounds and manga folders in the alpha version is enough for me. ^^ great job, I personally think it’s better than using irfanview.

  349. by the way, sorry for the double-post, but I just remembered that I stumbled upon a manga site that has next to know security on it’s images, and only lacks the manga info, but would probably work on the browser with little effort, I use it all the time for it’s blazing fast loading, because I often use my meager dsi for manga reading.

  350. I think this guy passed away, he doesn’t answer anymore. God bless his soul.

  351. The unified theory, cars exclusion comment above was fairly great. If Ray Kurzweils calculations are even approximate although, a lot of the outright derision within the comments section will have to be re-evaluated.

  352. hey the online manga explorer is not working for me. maybe it’s my bad i downloaded the 1.6 and when I load a manga from the online manga explorer it says it loads but when i flip the page all the pages are repeats of the same page

    • … You should read some of the other feedbacks before posting, everyone else has the same problem, however we still haven’t gotten any response from the admin. It’s been like this for quite a while too, think it started this spring.

      Anyways, what you can do is to use it offline, in other words, download the manga in .zip/,rar files and open them through the manga reader, however I’d suggest using the 2.0 alpha for that, since you can customize it more to you likings. (Suggest going to the scanlators homepage and download from there.)



  353. Hi, do you consider porting to Mac also? would appreciate it πŸ™‚


  354. Somebody essentially assist to make significantly articles I’d state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this particular post extraordinary. Fantastic task!

  355. I was just trying to pick up from where I left off. I don’t know if it’s just me but the “Remember Manga” feature doesn’t work. I closed Manga Reader while I was in the middle of the second volume of Mushishi but when I opened it up later, the program didn’t remember anything. I also tried clicking on the bookmark button but that wouldn’t work either (no indication of any kind telling me if it actually bookmarked anything). Oh, and I can’t skip to the page I was on using the arrows at the top right-hand corner because the program would crash.

  356. When are u going to release 2.0 ? the old version doesnt work online and its beeen quite a while, almost a year since u released 2,0 beta and still no full version… can u do it faster i think u have had the time..thnx

  357. Of, if you have decided to stop updating the program all together then would you release the source so that others may incorporate your ideas into their own programs, or better yet release unofficial updates to keep this idea alive and for the public.

  358. Imho, the program has a serious defect. It splits (slices) wide images into parts, resulting in incorrect display.
    Example scan:

    Example program display:

  359. You actually make it appear really easy along with your presentation however I find this topic to be really something which I believe I’d by no means understand. It kind of feels too complex and very vast for me. I am having a look forward on your subsequent put up, I?ll try to get the cling of it!

  360. Hi, Manga Reader’s Team!
    i can read Offline files such as Rar,Zip. But i can’t load manga Online as this video below

    My OS: Windows 7 home premium 64 bits.
    I used Manga Reader 1.5.6.

  361. Only Request is a auto page turner, with a set time. Turning pages can be a pain after a long enough time of doing it.

  362. Really love this, makes reading manga and comics so much easier, and I like flipping the page

    If there’s one thing I’d request in the next version it would be to support jpeg image files,

    I only ask cus even the app on my phone supports a ridiculous number of image files, even zip…and it hurts my eyes trying to read it on a small screen after awhile.



    please try to check this link…its broken image until 13… i reload it many times but it still no image appear

  364. again…. please check naruto link…it has many broken images…

    chapter 575….. page 13, 15…

  365. Hi, i want to know how to enable the online tab. Can i go online with it?
    Great tool, Manga reader is great. Please can you tell me step by step how to set it up?

  366. hey dude are u goin to release a 2.0 or not…its been a year that 2.0 beta or alpha is up when are u goin to finish it, we wanna read online… with the older versions we cant

  367. Hi! will you be making a manga reader android app? πŸ™‚ I wish you will ^^

  368. It’s been a year and a half since the last release… Creator of this awesome thing… ARE YOU EVER GOING TO DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH IT!? OR ARE YOU DONE WITH IT!? This seems pretty awesome… hope you’ll start working on it again soon. If you ever do start working on it, you should add something to the site that allows people to donate money for it.

  369. I’m not able to view some of the manga. My computer had no problems loading Bleach, but when I tried to read Claymore, Vampire Knight and Full Metal Alchemist (those are the only ones I tried), nothing loads in the pic box, just a little pic icon in the middle of it. Might be worth mentioning I re-installed vista a few days ago. It used to work fine before. Not sure if I need to install something else?

  370. Hey guys, there seem to be MANY dead links on MANY mangas at mangareader .
    Not sure if anyone addressed these issues but you want to check your stuff

    • So then I’m not the only one? I’ve tried on my phone, on my computer, even my gfs iPad. Nada. Did they update the site to require a plugin of some sort?

    • So are the dead links on the old chapters as well, because after I went through trying to find a new chapter to read, and failed, I decided to go back to chapter one of Bleach, and again nothing showed up.

  371. TO LOVE 3 is the Freaking Best So as MIKU HATSUNE

  372. why isnt it owrking? i cant see the images for narotu!

  373. None of mangareader’s images are working for me so I can’t read any of the manga… :/

    • It shouldn’t be all of them; try loading a manga not published by viz (SJ’s parent company).

  374. none of the images are showing for me either it used to until about two weeks from today… 😦 please fix it

  375. Yeah..broken image links.

  376. If you dont update the software anymore you could opensource it so other people can help you or update it for you. As i said in an earlier email… it would be a waste if this program gets outdated beyond repair… it seems like you put some serious thoughts into it. Thats why it is still the best and most popular mangareader out there ^^

    Hope this is reaching you!

  377. sir, this software is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E

  378. Heck Yeah I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E

  379. Still using this on a daily basis to read mangas for 3 years now πŸ™‚

    really hope you’ll pick it up again ^^

  380. 10/09/2007· uncertain how to handle it, best places to stand, or even when to do it many people leave wedding preparation on the eleventh hour, but not an individual ! you can do a good deal ahead when you have the …Bride Online

  381. In full screen mode, my currently displayed page jumps from being centered to being left justified when I scroll down or up. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

  382. best app ever … light, simple and perfect…
    great job bro… thanks

  383. Does not work for me 😦
    I can’t use the online Explorer.

    I use Windows 7 and i have .NET Framework…
    What can i do to make it work?

  384. Same here. Windows 7, Manga Reader 1.56, Online Explorer shows nothing. Great app though. πŸ™‚

  385. If some one desires to be updated with hottest technologies afterward he must be pay
    a quick visit this site and be up to date every day.

  386. Why the flip are there no new manga’s being uplaoded!!!????!!!! I have been waiting for Soul Eater 106 for like two months!!!!!!! Same with Kaichou wa maid-sama 78!!!!!!!!

    • A) manga aren’t uploaded by manga websites or the creator of manga software; it’s done by scanlators who do it for free and have their own sites.
      B) most scanlators do it in their free time; school, family and holidays usually interfere.
      C) Go tell a scanlator how much you appreciate their releases, and perhaps they will be inspired enough to put in a bit more effort. Find out who your scanlators are, and give them a reason to keep up their volunteering.

  387. First let me start with saying I like this program and thank you for creating it. Having said that however, there is trouble using this (V2.0.0) on Windows 8. At first it seemed to work fine, but navigation tools and keyboard navigation simply does not work other than the previous/next page (right and left arrow keys). all other shortcuts not working. Home tab button non functional, explorer non functional, and finally the auto re-size for some reason is disabled. I look forward to the next version of this awesome program you have designed!

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    The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this
    your broadcast offered brilliant clear idea

  391. Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard
    on. Any suggestions?

  392. Greetings I am so thrilled I found your site, I really found you by accident, while I was looking on Digg
    for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say many
    thanks for a incredible post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love
    the theme/design), I don’t have time to look over it all at the minute but I have saved it
    and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time
    I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the superb work.

  393. I’m really loving the theme/design of your weblog. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility issues?
    A couple of my blog audience have complained about my blog
    not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox.
    Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

  394. Hello I was reading a manga and after getting through 100 chapters the scanlators changed to .png but mangareader says it is not compatible? How do I add the png format? 😦

  395. Great article! This is the type of info that are
    meant to be shared around the web. Disgrace on Google for not positioning this
    publish upper! Come on over and consult with my website .

    Thank you =)

  396. I Have A Question:
    Why when i pack manga Img in Manga Creator, the file size will be bigger, i have a 1 chapter manga (5MB) but when i add it into mangga creator and save it, the file size will be 11Mb.
    (Sorry For My Bad English)

  397. no matter what i do i can not read manga (version 1.5.6) from the online manga explore

    it just just says loading and nothing come up nothing at all

    PLzzzzzz help if u can

  398. ahhh been reading this feedbacks for +3 years now… app is dead, the guy doing it hasn’t even bother reading the comments since 2010 i guess


    i JUST downloaded the mangareader app on computer to help me read manga better like it says, however when i enter it , the manga chapter were not SORTED PROPERLY FOR VIEWING accordingly,it was in proper alphabetical order in the file, but when view through the app, it show like chapter 1 then chapter 2 then suddenly chapter 10 then chapter 11 then chapter 3, the name is all the same though. no difference in the name only the number for each chapter like chapter 1 chapter 2. WHY will it be like that? is it fixable? OR is it a bug…

    please please HELP ME 😦
    i was about to say this app for computer viewing manga is so SO GREAT, then this came up…i hope it can be fixed soon…right now my rating for Mangareader is 90 percent, fix it 100 PERCENT for sure.

    • This program has not been updated for two years. The developer is not likely to come back and some believe he has passed away. Besides, you seem a little whiny. That aside, I wish I had an easy fix, but there doesn’t seem to be.


      Well, yeah that’s pretty much how it is, also yeah he does seems a bit whiny.

      @Togashi Yume:
      So I’m guessing your manga is in volumes i.e. several chapters in one *rar (*7z, or similar) file? In case I’d try either downloading them as separate chapters (chapter1.rar, chapter2.rar, etc.) or extracting the volume, and then compressing them as separate chapters. As I haven’t had the problem you’re referring to. However, that’d be the first I’d try, if it doesn’t work, check if any other manga works properly, if it doesn’t I don’t have any tips for you.

      Besides, since it hasn’t been updated in the past few years, it might not work properly w/ win8 or later, I don’t even know if it works properly with vista or earlier for that matter either, as I’ve only used it w/ win7.

      I know there are some other programs that do more or less the same, but doesn’t look as good, and had fewer features. I’m not a programmer, so I can’t help with the technical with that part, well I probably couldn’t either way, as the source code has never been posted. I believe I’ve read quite a few comments asking for it. Also I’ve looked for the source code, but I couldn’t really find it anywhere. Furthermore, I don’t really know, or understand how decompiling works. However, if someone did manage to decompile it, and either posted the source code, or had an interest in updating, and finishing someone else’s unfinished product, I’d be rather happy. Though honestly I do think it’s kind of rude to do that, especially if he actually still is alive, as “Manga Reader” is, or at least was a great tool to read Manga with.

  400. Why it when u subscribe to a manga your reading u don’t get an update to the next chapter. It use to do this but why not now

  401. Would be great if we can filter what we do not want to search for when it comes to genres, but other than that, love the app =)

  402. Your site is full with adds that block my phone. I cannot even go back to my manga its annoying and im never using your crappy bullshit site ever again. Fix this bullshit you used to be such a good site and now your nr. 1 on my shit list. Never reccomending anyone your crappy shit site. Im going to tell everyobe to use manga fox. They wont stoop as low as you losers.

  403. the 1 most important thing is bandwidth. drop it, u drop reader. now, u owe me a couple of tens for good solid feedback.

  404. I wan’t japanese language pls!!!

  405. I really love this website but please add one of the best mangas or animr ever.
    Its called “your lie in april”,so they can add it too to zingbox i hope i get a reply

  406. The app sometimes stops working (Manga reader has stopped working message on phone) until reinstall, i don’t know what makes it happen but it happens and it’s really annoying. Because i lose my history+favs.

  407. Hello and Happy New Year.
    I want to delete a manga that I have downloaded for offline reading because I’ve finished reading it. Is there a method to delete the selected chapter(s) or manga besides reinstalling the app on my Apple device and having to download the wanted manga?
    Thanks again.

  408. where is the latest episode for fairy tail and one piece???
    i waiting for 2 weeks already …


  410. Why can’t a programmer just copy this, it’s not like it’s copyright protected? When the programmer of CDisplay died someone created CDisplayEX based on CDisplay.

    Just copy it and give us the new Link.

    • The thing is that it’s not open sourced. Doing it would mean doing it from scratch. This is, in a way, tedious when you know that there is actually a working product that can be fixed with small patches.
      Therefore, you would have to find someone highly motivated with good programming skills and who likes to read manga on windows (since there are actually replacement for this on linux/mac and that this project was developped using microsoft tools)
      So yeah it’s not so easy to “copy it” :’)

      • I think the problem is Manga reader is not very popular, if it had been people would have copied it long time ago.

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