Manga Reader v1.5 Available

It’s finally time for a new release. I didn’t have time to put in all the feature I wanted. But instead of more delays, I decided to release what is ready right now. You can get it in the download section. Be sure to give your feedback to make the next releases better.

New Features and Bug Fixes:

  • Landscape mode supported for viewing images (make sure a landscape picture is at an even page number. If not, a “filler” page is inserted to fix the page alignment)
  • Image preview of manga files (mga and wmga) in windows explorer for Windows Vista
  • New Panning mode for zoom: better for tablet pc users
  • Combobox button for next/previous page allowing to quickly jump to a specific pages, and for quickly opening the next/previous chapter
  • Also: quickly load next and previous manga(in directory layout).
  • Preloading of images when opening web mangas to inproves page flip performance
  • Fixed snapshot tool bug in single page mode
  • Better memory usage when managing manga images (reader and creator)
  • New special panel for displaying manga info (title, author, etc.), instead of having an entire page for that
  • Load mangas via: drag & drop from Windows explorer
  • Added MangaFox to the list of manga stores (known bug: The category “All” does not display all mangas available. Pick a different category to locate the manga you wish to read.)
  • Download/Load progress in Manga Creator and Manga Reader
  • The new MangaVolume site works with Manga Reader now
  • Handling of mature content warning for One Manga and Manga Fox
  • Ability to import images from one or multiple manga files (mga, wmga, cbz, cbt, cbr, zip, rar, tar) into Manga Creator workspace
  • Tip: Press H to hide the title bar. This feature will be properly supported in the next release.

Upcoming Features:

  • Bookmarks/favorites
  • Better caching of manga thumbs
  • Silverlight support
  • New “browser” like the Online Manga Explorer to quickly read weekly releases.
  • Auto update when new version available
  • Data virtualization (for mangas with a large number of pages) => better memory usage
  • Fix image quality problem when saving images with MC
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Autohide title bar in fullscreen mode

Enjoy ūüėČ


New Manga Reader in June

I have been very busy lately, and haven’t had the time to finish up the new release. It will come sometime in June. The version number will probably be v1.5, and it will fix many of the problems discussed in the “feedback” section.

I am also thinking of building a Silverlight version of the manga reader, that runs in browser. This will work with linux and mac. I will provide more details after the next release.

Manga Reader 1.2.6 update

Sorry to release this so soon after the last update, but there was a fairly critical bug that I wanted to fix that was introduced with  1.2.5. The bug is in the zip library used to open mga files, and prevents you from opening most mga documents.

Download here.

Manga Reader 1.2.5 update

This update brings some new features and bug fixes:

  • New snapshot tool in Manga Reader. This allows you to capture sections of the manga you are reading. The captured image is placed in the clipboard.
  • Improved support for comic book archives: you can now open rar, zip and tar files directly from manga reader or manga creator.
  • Better caching of manga thumbnails in the Online Explorer
  • fixed a bug that causes Manga Reader or Manga Creator to not display some manga images, if the corresponding page/Chapter/Volume ID contains some non alphabetic characters

Download Here

Manga Reader 1.2 released

Get it in the download section.

 Here is a list of changes:

Manga Reader:

  • Support for opening Comic book archives cbz, cbr, cbt
  • Support for reading mangas / flipping pages Left To Right (japanese) added
  • Image caching for manga thumbnails and manga pages/images
  • New Settings panel in Manga Reader
  • Persistent settings in Manga Reader (display mode, flip direction, last manga open, window size & maximized state)
  • New version notification
  • fixed Manda Reader bug that occasionally leaves some pages blank¬†
  • New Zoomed paning mode that automatically moves the view to unread content while zoomed in (Space/Enter keys)

Manga Creator:

  • Support for opening Comic book archives cbz, cbr, cbt¬†
  • ¬†Ability to add multiple images at the same time in Manga Creator using the Open File Dialog
  • Auto scrolling when dragging items in Manga Creator + can now press escape to cancel dragging
  • New kb shortcuts to scroll horizontally (shift + mouse wheel) and vertically (scroll wheel) in Manga Creator workspace
  • Persistent settings in Manga Creator (window size & maximized state)

Be sure to post your feature requests and any bugs in the Feedback section.

Manga Reader Localization

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of releasing localized versions of Manga Reader, initially for the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. More languages can of course be added later.

If you are interested in helping me translate Manga Reader to any of these languages or any other, simply reply to this post.


Manga Reader 1.1 Released

You can download this new release in the Downloads section.

Here is a list of changes:

  • The zoom feature has been improved. You now get full window zoom, as illustrated in the following screenshot:¬†
    You can use Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in/out. With the keyboard, you can use Ctrl +/- or Ctrl + Page Up/Down.
    Once you zoom in, simply move the mouse to navigate, or use Ctrl + Directional keys.
  • The issue that causes the Online Manga¬†Explorer to sometimes lock up has been resolved.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.