I just released a new version (1.5.4) which can be found in the Downloads page.

Here is a list of changes:

– Removed OneManga

– Added Manga-Haven, Manga Fox and Manga Stream

– Fixed problem opening CBR archives on a 64 bit machine.

– Images with uppercase extensions inside a CBR or CBZ should now work. Let me know if they don’t.

– MGA and WMGA thumbnails should now work on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7.



38 Responses

  1. thanx for hard work

  2. AWEEESOMMMME finally hell yeah thnx a lot

  3. It’ll be great if you add a bookmark feature which with you can save the last page read for each manga you have (and not only for the last open)! thanx for the hard work!

  4. YAY, It’s not dead. Thank you so much and keep up the updates. I have been waiting for updates on this for over a year.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this.

  6. Thanks for the upgrade!
    Would it be possible to add mangareader.net ?

  7. Awesome! Been waiting for an update for a while, and the Mangastream addition was a nice surprise too.

    Though i just want to note there seems to be a bug with the manga count with Mangastream, it says (1292) when there is nowhere near that amount.

  8. Well, its working. That said initially it didn’t want to after I installed it, crashing much like the old version used to whenever any list of manga was attempted to be viewed. That said, after giving it full compat options and slowly taking them away 1 by 1… I took them all away and it decided to keep working.

    XD Ye gods I missed this program.

  9. I just installed 1.5.4 (coming from 1.5.3). However, whenever I choose any of the online manga site, the app crashes. It didn’t do this when I was using 1.5.3. Anyone know what may have caused this issue? I am running WinXP Pro with 3 GB of ram.

  10. @SoullessKitty

    Try deleting the folder
    c:\Documents And Settings\UserName\AppData\Local\MangaReader\

    This will reset your settings.

    You can also try clearing your Internet Explorer cache if you are still having problems.

  11. I am assuming you meant “C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\MangaReader”, since that’s the only please I can find it. I deleted it, it still crashed. Then, I delete IE’s cache (everything, history, temp files, etc, the whole nine-yard), and MangaReader still crashed.

  12. Egad… I mistakenly posted my local user in the path… can the admin remove that from the path by any chance? thanks!

  13. @SoullessKitty,
    Can you retrieve the crash dump? If so, I can take a loot at the problem.

    • Unfortunately, Windows does not let me copy/paste the crash dump to clipboard, so I am not sure how I can give you the crash dump. Event Viewer does not seem to contain it either.

      In any case, I found out that after I click the web icon, if I wait for the “Loading” to finish up, then click the site, I can open up any of the site with no problem. I guess I just have to be patient and wait for the loading to finish (I have slow connection).

      While I am here, thanks for making the app. It improves the manga reading experience a lot!

  14. Nice work with the upgrade version. Can you fixed for 2 pages with japanese mode? it can’t be problem if comic has one page (potrait), but if comic has 2 page (lanscape) MangaReader can’t be wrong reversed, anyone had problem like me?

  15. sorry, i mean MangaReader had problem with japanese mode for 2 pages (landscape).. wrong reversed.

  16. Good work!
    But there’re something bugged me a little.
    Could you make 1 page view show only 1 page that fit on window size? (because it make me dizzy when you turn page and it hop over to the next page lol) and if you could change up and down key to scroll up/down instead of next/prev. page would be perfect!

  17. Hello, is there a bookmark function to keep track of the manga you read/when new ones are release?

  18. Hi,
    Very nice work.
    I noticed bug(error) when i have situation like RAr of a volume, with folders inside for chapters for example 1-8, but MR opened only 3 first chapters.
    I checked it and file “Thumbs.db’ in chapters seems to cause problem.
    When I repacked RAR to ZIP everything is ok(without deleting “Thumbs.db’)
    Perhaps people can try delete Thumbs.db in RAR and have then read volume in RAR.

  19. I’m just reporting a crash I experienced– on Windows 7 x64, I consistently experience a crash when I attempt to turn a page while the settings menu is open. Not a really big deal, just thought you might want to know. Great work so far, and I really enjoy your program. Thanks! 😀

  20. downloaded it but again
    ~~~MangaReader has cncountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.~~~
    Please help !

  21. Having problems with the new version. The graphics don’t really work like they should (kind of looks like when you’re spectating in counter-strike 1.6 and going through walls).

    Couldn’t think of any better way to explain it. I have a AMD GPU if that matters, and the drivers are 1 month old.

    Going back to 1.5.3 I guess. 😦

  22. Hi I tried saving a manga from mangastream but it said “unable to save manga document”

  23. Actually disregard the above comment. There seems to be only a Content folder, but no resource folder. Is it not possible to save the manga as .png files or something so that I can view the manga using another program?

  24. Hi,
    is there any way so speed up loading time? every time i open it takes up to 10 hours (100mb file) for it to load

  25. True, the version has some bugs too : nothig is perfect. But it’s still soo cool!

    Lately, I have this problem where I load a chapter, and when it’s done, I start reading it. Then, in the middle or somewhere in the chapter, there’s a blank page, like the page didn’t load or something. I have to reload a previous chapter and then reload the chapter I was reanding to make the page appear

  26. I have the same problem as michikohime

  27. thanx it’s just awesome

  28. OMG awesome been waiting for an update can’t believe it took me so long to see it THANKS

    Keep up the AWESOME work

  29. Hi there

    Having a problem downloading manga reader with http://www.mediafire.com/?g4xzvtq1rtb04is that link

  30. Mangastream doesn’t work anymore

  31. @john,
    I’ll look into it.

  32. @Admin
    Thank you 🙂

  33. I’ve got a bunch (when I say a bunch I meant over 10GB) of mangas that are unzipped and catalogued in my own way so that it is more easy for me to recall them. Is there a way that I could use your application to view sequential images rather than repackaging them as a .manga comic?


  35. goes well with Rekidai sōri sokkinno kokuhaku, thanks! You are amazing.

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